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McCain & Obama at Saddleback

Posted by Admin on August 17, 2008

8/19/08 ~ Added link to Side-by-Side text comparison of Obama and McCain’s answers.

I have to say that I am very impressed with Rick Warren’s event last night.  For the first time since this election started I think we got a very good view of both of the (major party) candidates and their views on the issues that we face as people – and as a country.  Personally, I think this format of interviews vs. debates was wonderful. This is a great way to hear what the candidates are saying without a moderator cutting people off, or one-up-manship on the part of the candidates themselves in trying to directly counter their opponents answers.

If you did not see the interviews that Rick Warren conducted last night, I definitely suggest setting aside some time to do so.  Below I have embedded the videos from CNN.  There are 4 portions in all – the first two are the interview with Obama, the next two are with McCain.

[I’m having trouble embedding these videos for some reason…  Please visit the following website to view all of the video available: View the ENTIRE Saddleback Civil Forum Interviews @ Blogs for JohnMcCain]

If you cannot view the videos, or would rather read the transcript, Rick Warren has posted it on his website.  Here is the link:

Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency – Broadcast Transcript

If you would like to compare the answers of both Obama and McCain side-by-side, please see the following webpage:

Saddleback Side by Side Comparison –

[Specific commentary on the interview questions & the candidates answers (still) coming soon!]

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