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~ OU Suicide Note?

OU Suicide Note? STILL More questions than answers…
This post was originally published in October of 2005 at my old blog;
“On Politics & Other Random Thoughts”

The Oklahoman is now reporting that Hinrichs’ father was read a suicide note that was found by the FBI on his computer screen when they entered the apartment – a single line of text with the cursor still blinking.

This new development – which runs counter to the FBI’s own statements regarding the case – only brings more questions and no real answers… Also noted in this post is discussion regarding the discrepancy of times reported for the apprehension of Hinrichs roommate Fazal M. Cheema.

As I pointed out in my post on FreeRepublic in response to this article I see at least 7 important questions in regards to the note itself and Hinrichs’ father’s statement to the media;

A.) As others have pointed out how could his father not have remembered what was said in the one line message? He appears to be an incredibly intelligent, well-spoken man and what he does remember it “said” is remarkably similar to what he himself said he supposed Joel III felt like in past interviews – that he wanted to “quit living”.

B.) What would be the point of the FBI saying there was no note, and now saying there is?

C.) How could there be any proof the note was actually written by Joel III?

D.) Why did the FBI wait until Hinrichs father was in Oklahoma to read to him the suicide note, or to admit that one existed?

E.) WHEN did the FBI enter the apartment and find the note? Did anyone have access to the apartment BEFORE the FBI arrived?*

F.) Why was the cursor still blinking? Was the document SAVED into the computer when the FBI arrived thus providing a time/date stamp – or did the FBI have to save the document when they arrived in the apartment HOURS after the blast?*

and finally, perhaps most importantly…

G.) I’m still wondering why the FBI is allowed to discuss these items seeing as the search warrant and the file are still sealed by the DOJ? I understand that officers of the court may allow people to review these things if they consider them important to the investigation. Perhaps a better question would be WHY is the warrant and file still sealed?

There are still many more questions and some HUGE discrepancies when one takes into account everything that has been reported in this case. Below this post is a theory regarding this suicide note…

Another thing I would like to note at this time once again is the discrepancy that exists in regards to the actual time that Fazal M. Cheema was taken into custody for questioning. This plays a vital role in understanding why I question whether or not anyone else had access to the apartment before the police sealed it off at approximately 3am* the morning of October 2, 2005.

1.) OU Instructor Hossam Barakat, who was also taken into custody, states that Cheema arrived at the apartment he was visiting friends in sometime around midnight. (See this article in The Oklahoman)

2.) The President of the Muslim Students Association apparently told OU’s reporter Rachael Khane that Cheema was taken into custody “just minutes after the blast”. (See this column written by Michelle Malkin)

One of these men is apparently not being completely honest with reporters in regards to the time that Cheema was taken into custody. Is one of these men obfuscating information to affect the independent investigation into this crime? Why would someone do that?

If we believe Mr. Barakat then that means Mr. Cheema had approximately 4 1/2 hours during which we do not know where he was. We are also left with the question of why would the President of the MSA at OU want to create a false rumor about Cheema being in custody MINUTES after the blast?

If we believe Mr. Hussein then why would Mr. Barakat say repeatedly that Mr. Cheema didn’t stop by the apartment until around midnight that night?

I hate to say it, but this discrepancy leads me to believe that either Mr. Hussein or Mr. Barakat has something to gain by spreading disinformation in regards to this case…

(SPECULATION: Did Mr. Hussein create the “minutes after the blast” story to try and steer the reporter Ms. Kahne away from asking where Cheema was during those 4 1/2 hours?)

In trying to do a bit of research on Mr. Hussein I have found that his student website has been taken down, except for the homepage. An old site of his is still available. I have found nothing further to readily indicate what kind of person Mr. Hussein is, what his political beliefs are or otherwise. Below I list some interesting articles, and reports I have found regarding the Muslim Students’ Association in the US.

* This was according to a neighbor who lives across from the apartment complex who stated in an article that he was on his porch and 3am is approximately the time that police converged upon the apartment complex and put up crime scene tape.

Speculative Theory regarding the suicide note and the
4 1/2 hour discrepancy in time of the apprehension of Cheema.

Did it look like perhaps the person writing it was spooked somehow and left the note unfinished? This wasn’t a “spur of the moment” decision on the part of Hinrichs… and a blinking cursor and/or unsaved document would perhaps indicate someone was interrupted.

This theory would make a lot of sense in regards to Ch. 9’s Tamara Pratt’s report indicating that the authorities were looking for five people in connection with either the bombing itself – or for taking things out of the apartment. If the apartment wasn’t secure perhaps one of these 5 people typed the note, perhaps one of them was the “look-out” and when they saw authorities arrive on the scene they got spooked leaving the document with the cursor still blinking. If the authorities or neighbors saw these 5 people in the apartment or leaving the apartment after the blast as is apparently the case it would seem to be the case that this “note” was more of a diversion rather than a REAL suicide note…

Extra Information about the Muslim Students’ Association

University of Oklahoma’s
Muslim Student Association Website

Muslim Students Association US & Canada Website

The Muslim Student Association: A Wahabbi Front
by Steven Schwartz (a Muslim) – orginally published on

Islamism’s Campus Club: The Muslim Students’ Association
by Jonathan Dowd-Gailey

Senators Request Tax Information on Muslim Charities for Probe
Bureau of International Information Programs,
U.S. Department of State, Jan. 14, 2004
Names the Muslim Students Association in list of charities they would like
IRS statements on to probe for possible monetary liks to Terrorist Organizations.

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