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Iran Missile Launch Photo “Shopped”?

Posted by Admin on July 10, 2008

Alert parties with good eyes have identified two areas of an official photo released by Iran of their missile test, that appear to have been duplicated. The photo appears to have been altered. Please see the link below at Little Green Footballs for more information.

An Official Photo Released by the Iranian Government of
Missile Test May Have Been Photoshopped

Some readers may remember how common this ‘technique’ was during the Israel/Lebanon war a while back…  During that time newspaper editors ran photos that were either staged, and/or photoshopped.  There were a large numbers of these photos that came out during the war leaving one to theorize that perhaps the stringers the major news syndicates were receiving information and photos from were not ‘uninvolved’ parties.  It seemed more like outright propaganda, IMHO…

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