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~ FBI Docs Available for Download

OU Bombing – FBI Docs Available for Download
This was originally published in November of 2005 at my old blog; “On Politics & Other Random Thoughts”

Michelle Malkin has gone to a great deal of trouble to procure the unsealed FBI documents in the OU Bombing case. She has posted the first 94 pages online, available for download from her site. A great big thank you to Ms. Malkin for providing us with much needed details in this case.

I have downloaded the available documents ‘s website and I will be reviewing them hopefully this weekend or early next week. At that time, I will write up a summary of the documents and how they match up with the parts of the story we know so far…

Mark Tapscott is also reviewing the documents and points out that in at least one case things don’t seem to match up – a photo shown to Joel Hinrichs’ father reportedly showed him with a missing head. This doesn’t match up with a witness description which states the remains he saw were more like a man with the top half of their body missing.

I would like to add to this to say that in news reports a different witness stated that there was no way to tell from what he saw if the body was that of a male or female. (This comment was made by one of the male students who was in a nearby building and ran out into the courtyard right after the explosion.) This also wouldn’t seem to match up with the thought of what a decapitated person would look like.

Whatever the truth is in this case we perhaps may never know… That is what is perhaps most troubling in this whole mess. There are no clear-cut answers. Thus far the review of these documents by reporters, journalists and bloggers have yielded even more questions to add to the long list of discrepancies in this case.

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