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The Anti-Obama March on Washington – Millions in attendance?

Posted by Admin on September 13, 2009

UPDATED: There are updated numbers from the U.S. Parks Police — they now estimate that 1.2 Million Protesters attended the Grassroots March on Washington on 9/12/09.

March on Washington

The blog “Exposing Obama” has posted information about the march today including pictures of the crowds.  There are several different versions on the count going around.  NBC’s “own people” say at least hundreds of thousands”, and the Daily Mail in the UK are reporting up to 2 million were there.

They had to close down Pennsylvania Avenue to accomodate protestors who were trying to get to the mall.

This was a great day for our country, for so many to take time out and come tell our government “in person” that we are TIRED of the lies, and the out of control slide into a Communist or Fascist country.

Be sure to check out the coverage – print, video & pictures!

@ :

A ‘Sea of people from the Capitol to the White House” for the March on Washington against Obama


March on Washington

Taxpayer Rally

Taxpayer Rally


2 Responses to “The Anti-Obama March on Washington – Millions in attendance?”

  1. valerama said

    This wasn’t a “anti-Obama” march. Most of what we’re all pissed off about is what Congress is doing along with Obama. Mostly the same Congress and the same stupid actions that started during the last administration. The turning point was the stimulus bill for many people. (For me it was the the bank bailouts last fall.)

    Calling it a march against Obama is just hate-mongering. Trying to conjure up an emotional response instead of relying on facts.

  2. Admin said

    Valerama — People were there for a wide variety of reasons. If I had been able to attend it would’ve been primarily because of Obama’s plans for our nation.

    I take exception to your claim that my calling this an “anti-Obama” march is “hate-mongering”. How in the world does my choice of words kindle hatred, enmity, or prejudice? It’s also very curious to me that you would use such a word, frankly. It’s typical of liberals, but not so among Conservatives, and Libertarians to take this line of attack — especially towards someone who is supposedly on the same side as you. [If you are a troll, I would suggest you practice a bit more before your next foray.]

    Like it or not, Obama is the FACE on these plans — he has made sure that is the case. You may have been there (if you were) because of Congress, but it was Obama’s continued plans during the last 9 months – supported by the Democrat Congress that guaranteed this turnout. To ignore that Obama is a BIG part of the dissatisfaction would be naive, IMHO. Obama is the one pushing Congress on these issues, Obama stated on 9/12 that he wants to “own” these changes, so I am merely giving him his wish in that.

    I don’t think any of what I posted on this page can even be pointed to as “taking away” from some of the blame that properly rests upon the shoulders of EVERY member of Congress. And I also don’t see where I tried to “conjure up an emotional response” instead of relying on facts. I didn’t debate ANYTHING in this post — all I did was post pictures and give a link!

    If you want to do some good regarding this I suggest you write to the MSM outlets that claimed this entire demonstration was all about Health-care, and that only 10s of thousands were in attendance instead of attacking someone on “your” side.

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