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RETRACTION Re: Joe Biden’s Gas Pump Buddy

Posted by Admin on October 3, 2008

Well, I sure made a mistake!  And, as it turns out it’s a rather big one.

I take little consolation in the fact that I wasn’t the only one to make the mistake, as I am the one who published a post on this blog about it when I should’ve at the very least waited until reviewing the audio for the debates to double-check that what I had heard (and what others had heard) was indeed accurate.


The name that Senator Joe Biden mentioned in his anecdotal story about the man at the gas pump, was “Joey Danco“, and NOT Joey Stanko .

Now, I was originally going to do as many media sources do when they have made a mistake and merely delete the story, however, that would be more akin to covering up my mistake than setting the record straight.  So, along with this separate post, I will copy and paste a link to this notice at the very beginning of the original post.

I would like to take this opportunity to first apologize to my readers. I would never intentionally seek to mislead anyone about issues so important to this election.  I have no need to make up information regarding Senator Biden, nor Barack Obama.  Simply addressing the issues I believe makes a much more salient point about any objections I may have to their campaign.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to Senator Biden, to Joseph Stanko, Jr., as well as extending my apologies to Joey Danco.  As a result of this embarassing learning experience, I resolve to double- and triple-check with as many sources as I possibly can before running with a story like this again if the opportunity ever presents itself to me again.

Again, I am truly sorry for this collosal misunderstanding.

Michelle K.

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