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~ FOCUS PAGE PUBLISHED: Platte Canyon HS Tragedy

Posted by Admin on October 1, 2006

Dear Readers,

I have prepared a special Focus Page related to the Platte Canyon High School Tragedy. The page includes an updated list of media articles, video coverage links, audio coverage links, still photo & slideshow links, as well as all the information originally published in the original post here at Liberty Rocks Blog. The page also includes information on the family’s wishes and the Emily Keyes “I love U guys” memorial fund information which you will find below.

You can access the special focus page at the following link: FOCUS PAGE: THE PLATTE CANYON HS TRAGEDY




“The family would like to thank the community for their phenomenal support.”
– The Keyes Family


The Keyes family also asks that those who wish to do something in Emily’s honor engage in “Random Acts of Kindness” in her memory.


Through a family friend, Louis Gonzalez, the family said, “In memory of Emily, we would like everybody to go out and do random acts of kindness, random acts of love to your friends, to your neighbors, to your fellow students. That’s exactly what Emily would have wanted.”

– “Keyes Family Asks for Random Acts of Kindness” – The Rocky Mountain News



A community gathering and candlelight vigil with music has been set for Sunday, Oct. 1, 2006, at 5 p.m. at the National Farmers Union Education Center, 618 County Road 68, Bailey.



Donations can be made to the “I love U guys” Emily Keyes Memorial Fund at Wells Fargo Banks and Citywide Banks. ( For more information on the fund call; 303-465-6743.

The “I love U guys” fund is named in memory of the last text message that Emily sent to her parents.

There is also an Emily Keyes Memorial Fund at Peak National Bank.



Items such as flowers will be accepted at the Deer Creek Realty building located at 4 River Drive, Bailey, CO 80421

Most of the above information was obtained from the Park County Website – Please visit the Park County website for updated community information.

Thank you to Pat’s Web Graphics for the Flower Graphics in this post:

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~ Gun-Free School Zone Laws Put Children At Increased Risk

Posted by Admin on September 28, 2006

UPDATE: August 19, 2008
A Texas School District recently voted to allow teachers and administrators with the proper certifications to carry guns within the school.  To read an article about this decision as well as links to more information, please see the following post here at The Liberty Rocks Blog – Texas School District To Allow Teachers to Carry Guns



Do “gun-free school zone” laws put our children at greater risk? And, what lessons can we learn from yesterday’s tragedy at Platte Canyon High School in an effort to prevent future, perhaps even more horrific tragedies.

I would like to take a moment to remark on one the issues that will most assuredly assert itself in light of the tragedy at Platte Canyon High School yesterday. Many people were reminded of the horrors of Columbine, especially because the responding law agencies were the same as on that day (with the exception of Park County). Colorado media sources have already sought commentary from the parent of one of the Columbine students, Mr. Tom Mauser, whose son Daniel was killed at Columbine*. Mr. Mauser took the tragedy of his son’s death as impetus for pushing for a slew of gun-control laws that ultimately disarm the wrong people. Even here in Wausau, Wisconsin the newscasters at ABC’s Channel 9 (WAOW-TV) showed as a feature related to this tragedy information about a group, Student Pledge, Inc., that was created in the wake of Columbine which focuses on ending school bullying which was a factor in the Columbine tragedy, but has absolutely nothing to do with the events in Bailey yesterday.

While these activists, and their intentions are good, and – in the case of the group featured during the WAOW News Broadcast – can help to decrease school violence perpetrated by fellow students, many are missing the real lesson that can be learned from this tragedy. That is, in my opinion, the fact that our students in classrooms across the country are “sitting ducks” for those criminals considering these types of actions. In particular the “gun-free school zone” laws only exacerbate the situation.

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~ SPECIAL REPORT: Tragedy at Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, Colorado

Posted by Admin on September 27, 2006



NOTE: – 9/30/06 – 5:20p.m. – I have changed the picture of Emily featured to the one distributed by her family on the Park County Colorado website. I have also included a link to the press release from Park County, also obtained at the above mentioned website. Other update notes have been moved to the bottom of the page. I also repaired on media article link, and will be adding more article links today. Still working on the “Focus Page”.



At approximately 11:30am, on Wednesday September 27, 2006, 53 year-old Duane R. Morrison entered Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, Colorado armed with a 9mm handgun. He was dressed in a black “hoodie” and was carrying a camoflage backpack. After being seen around the school by students, and talking with a few of them, he proceeded to enter Mrs. Smith’s College Prep English Classroom. He pulled his gun and fired at least one shot. He then proceeded to line the kids up at the blackboard, and one by one chose who would be allowed to leave, allegedly tapping them with his gun as he made his decisions. He kept a total of six female students as hostages, and then proceeded to call 9-11 himself, to alert authorities of the his plans. He told them he was armed with an explosive device beside the gun he possessed.

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