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~ Comprehensive Summary – OU Bombing

Originally published 10/02/05 @ On Politics and Other Random Thoughts

POST LAST EDITED/UPDATED ON 10/30/05* @ 7:00 pm

of the OU Bombing

[Formerly Titled: War in the Heartland? Terrorism and the Norman Bombing]

9/17/06 – Added Notes and Re-Published on the Liberty Rocks Blog
Notes: Also, please be aware that some links to articles and videos may have been moved/removed or incorporated into archives at their original publication site. Please see the Mai
n OU Bombing & Info Page for articles that have been preserved via


Here’s the Summary I’ve been working on for the last week that I have been continuously updating. I apologize for lack of proper grammar. I also hope I haven’t left anything important out. Please alert me if I did.

1.) First, the MSM is still following the AP and Official Story as well as keeping the lid on things for the most part. Several local media outlets in both CO and OK are not buying the official line and have done their own in-depth investigative reporting. Channel 9 and Channel 4 in particular are doing a better job than ANY of the other channels/papers. The local station in CO Springs – KKTV Ch. 11 deserves a plug here too.

(10/08) This story is starting to get some more national coverage – still spouting the “official” story.

MSNBC’s Rita Cosby interviewed Hinrich’s father and a Houda Elyazgi of the OK Univ. Muslim Student Association (See Background Reference links at bottom of post for more about this Association). You can see the video by following the link at this FreeRepublic post from FLAttorney. There is a transcript of this interview available through LexisNexis.

[Commentary: Cosby treats the student with “kid gloves”. IMHO, if this young lady is offering to speak for the Muslim Community it’s time to ask some hard questions and demand some answers. All this girl kept saying was “we’re nervous too” & “we’re confused”. (A typical tool of the trade in speaking with the press if you’re a politico type is to use repetition to get your view out… she did this well)]

Ms. Elyazgi also avoided any confirmation of understanding why people are nervous given the history of Norman, OK and known terrorists frequenting the area and the local mosque. She also did not correct Ms. Cosby when Cosby stated that Fazal Cheema was a Muslim. In my discussion below of Cheema you will read where it was alleged the he is an “atheist”.

Another interesting thing gathered from this interview is the supposed reporting by the media on nothing more than “speculations” alleged by Ms. Elygazi. The supposed speculations Ms. Elyazgi refers to are reports by authorities under a condition of anonymity. This is a practice that MSNBC and the AP regularly participates in, but for some reason in this case the reports regarding this case are merely “speculation”.]

(10/10) More and more spin is coming out now, mostly in the form of editorials. The OK Daily (OU’s newspaper) released this editorial today which really doesn’t IMHO sound like a journalist wrote it. It sounds more hysterical than a usual opinion piece. Interesting is that they call everyone not reporting the “official” theory as liars and hacks. They talk about “unsubstantiated reports” of Hinrichs visiting the local mosque (which I mention below), but they ignore all the other evidence in this case that’s been reported.

(10/13) This story is starting to pick up notice by more traditional news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal (article at FreeRepublic). However, it seems that they too believe OU’s insistence that this was just a case of an individual suicide.

The column’s authors make several assertions in the article that all reports of attempted entry and other various statements were FALSE. To my knowledge there has still been nothing proven, or disproven beyond the shadow of a (somewhat serious) doubt regarding the points they pick out.

2.) Agencies investigating the OU/Norman Bombing are reported as:

Homeland Security, Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI, Norman and OU PD, ATFE (BATF).

FBI has officially taken the lead in this investigation although they are not releasing details at this time. They have released two official statements that you can download the .pdf files here:

3.) Someone set off a bomb sometime between 7:20 and 8pm outside the OU/Kansas State game on Oct. 1, 2005. There are discrepancies on the exact time and we are working on getting a definitive time right now. A report by the AP yesterday (10/07) stated the time at around 7:30.

The blast itself according to those at the game reportedly shook the walls of the stadium itself and the noise was heard over the crowd and gameplay. There are reports that the explosion could be heard for a fair distance from the location itself. (Ch. 9 news video on the scene speaking with fans).

FReeper PhiKapMom overheard witnesses telling police that they saw “two Middle Eastern” men running from the scene – first running together and then separating. The witnesses were an Iranian (Persian) girl, and her boyfriend who is a member of the same Frat as PhiKapMom’s son. PhiKapMom also states that the male witness’ face was still red from the heat of the blast…

Here is the original posting by PhiKapMom about the eyewitnesses, and a second post giving more details.

4.) One person reportedly killed. He has tentatively* been identified as 21-year-old Joel Henry Hinrichs III of Colorado Springs, a mechanical engineering student at OU. He was a member of the Triangle Fraternity. He graduated from Wasson High School. He was a National Merit Scholar although he lost that scholarship (Ch. 4 OKC)

Although his father and the MSM media (AP) and one local channel (ch.5) adamantly maintain he was not associated with muslims, and was not one himself he was living with a Pakistani roommate who is (more on him later…).

UPDATE (10/26): As was previously reported back on October 5 by Channel 9’s Tamara Pratt (see video), CBN is reporting that they have spoken to a neighbor of the mosque that wishes to remain anonymous. Here is what she told reporters at CBN in an exclusive interview:

I did see Joel on several occasions outside of the mosque, actually, in the parking lot of the mosque,” the neighbor said. “It wasn’t in the yard, it wasn’t behind the fence, it was always in the parking lot when I would see him. And there was one time when I passed him, actually, on the sidewalk. As soon as I saw the picture of Joel Hinrichs on TV, not the clean-shaven one, but the one with the beard, I knew immediately that that was the gentleman I had seen on several occasions.”

David Boren (OU Pres.), FBI and others are trying to play this off as an “isolated incident” and a suicide by a “mentally unstable” young man, “obviously had very seriously personal problems”.

Contrary to those statements the President of Joel’s fraternity, Steven Powers stated in an interview (Ch.9 video) that he was a “typical engineering student” that liked designing things. Powers said that he knew Hinrichs was homesick, but that he usually kept busy reading a little bit about everything. He stated that there was nothing particularly different about his friends, and that he was still attending meetings and luncheons in the days leading up to Oct. 1st as usual.

You can read download .pdf files of Boren’s released statements here: Boren – Oct. 1 & Boren – Oct. 2

In the phone interview with Ch. 9 news on the night of Oct. 1 Dept. of Homeland Security’s Maj. Kerry Pettingill told anchors that terrorism would not be excluded. When told of Mr. Boren’s statement saying it was an individual suicide he replied that it was, “the first time I have heard that, ah, statment” and he went on to say, “that’s the President’s statement as far as the position of the University of Oklahoma”. (Apparently, not DHS’s view at the time).

Pettingill also stated in the above referenced interview that they would not exclude terrorism, and would do a complete investigation into the motives of the person who did this (not known at that time).

The very next day, in an interview with Ch. 9 (see video) when asked why THIS was being looked as a suicide Maj. Pettingill stated, “[there is a] single person that’s dead, not anyone else around the area, just, just the, a physical evidence suggests that, strongly suggests that, and that’s why we went with that…”

Please note his father on 10/07 stated that Joel was “conservative” in earlier televised interviews his Father said he was “apolitical”. It has already been established by the CO Gazette that the last time his father saw him was in Jan. of ’05 when Joel stopped by for a half-hour on his way through town on a “road trip”. Hinrichs father also stated they had been in touch with a few emails and such in the last few months.

It is reported that Mr. Hinrichs had a ticket to the game and attempted to enter the stadium (containing approx. 84000 people) with a backpack through at least 2 gates** before running away when asked to allow a search of his bag. He then went and sat at a bench by the bus loading area.

The university has stated that they have no record of Hinrichs purchasing a ticket through the OU vendors, or from people outside the stadium (this obviously doesn’t mean he didn’t have one, just that if he did possess one, he didn’t buy one through university channels).

Some reports have stated that he was taking the device out of his backpack and trying to put it on his person, or fiddling with it somehow and it went off. Many articles have stated the bomb that exploded was strapped onto the person’s body. KOCO Ch. 5 is now reporting that he was “supposedly carrying” the device. (Not sure what they’re trying to say with that new statement.)

The FBI has reportedly reviewed the available security tapes and states there is nothing in them to prove (or disprove) that Hinrichs attempted to enter the stadium. It is also mentioned that there were no cameras poised to capture events on the bench. ( Freeper PhiKapMom points out that there were not many cameras on campus or in the stadium at all before numerous cameras were installed earlier this week. There are still none in the parking garage where the second backpack was reportedly found. )

The bus driver who was near the explosion reported on 10/07 in an interview that when he saw Hinrichs on the bench shortly before the blast he was “bent over” and he said he assumed the person was sleeping. The bus driver also reported walking past Hinrichs and then a short while later feeling the blast which “rocked him forward”. Please also note that the bus driver states he headed out of the stadium on the way to his bus 3 minutes before the scoreboard was to hit the end of the second quarter (half-time). He states the blast happened 30-45 seconds after he passed Hinrichs on the bench. You can see the bus driver’s full statement in .jpg form at from (Ch.9). Also available from Channel 9 is video of an exclusive interview with the bus driver (click on the show video link on the page).

Seeing as there was a large amount of explosives found in his apartment (see below) it might be assumed that this was an “accident” of some sort and he probably didn’t mean to be killed…

Report from KKTV Ch. 11 in Colorado Springs reporting on 10/06/05 that the bomb that went off was a “remote-controlled” device. See a partial transcript and write-up of this report in this blog entry(temporarily unavailable).

VERY IMPORTANT (10/08): There is reportedly a year’s amount of time for which Hinrich’s whereabouts cannot be accounted for during which he took off of school due to being “very depressed” according to his father.

If anyone can remember the exact dates they were looking at please let me know. To my knowledge this “missing time” has not changed in subsequent reports. I have attempted to track down the video report I saw and am 99.9% sure the video I am looking for is the same one conspicuously missing from KOCO Ch.5’s website. For a write-up specifically about this tape please see my blog entry. (Some fellow freepers have reported to me that this block of time corresponds to the 2003 atlas found on the front seat of Hinrichs car.)

* After reports of his identity and comments from his family were obtained by various media outlets in CO and OK they are now saying that there must be DNA testing and it could take a while.

**Report of attempted entry attributed to OU student and OU library security guard Adam Smith (see Ch. 9 video interview). Adam states that a gate security guard told him someone sprinted off after the guard tried to search the backpack he was carrying. This reportedly happened at Gate 6 – per 9 news. You can read Adam’s statements from a Tulsa World article.

Joel Hinrichs III’s father is now telling the media that there was a suicide note found on Joel’s computer when the FBI arrived at the apartment. This is inconsistent with the FBI and Boren’s own statements earlier in the investigation. His father states that he can’t remember exactly what was said in the note. He also states that the FBI told him the “cursor was still blinking” when the FBI arrived. This brings up crucial questions which I discuss in this
separate blog entry. Please note: It cannot be proven that Joel Hinrichs wrote the note to my knowledge. Even if he did it is not unheard of for Suicide Bombers to leave such notice behind…

5.) Five others reported injured and then the 5 injured “disappeared” from the reporting with articles only mentioning that one was killed. I personally followed up with the media outlet ( that was running the story with the 5 injured report. They state that the original report came from After I contacted them they removed the “5 injured” statement. (I have screen shots to confirm this and a separate write-up – Please email me at: LibertyRocksBlog-at-gmail-dot-com, if you would like to see these items.).

5 others involved were mentioned in reporting on 10/05 out of Oklahoma (Ch. 9 video) – reporter says may have been involved with the bombing or involved in removing items from the apartment complex. Reporter Tamara Pratt said this doesn’t mean these five were arrested, will be arrested, or detained. (Remember here PhiKapMom’s report of the witness stating she saw 2 middle eastern men running together and then separating immediately after the blast.)

6.) Police responding with bomb squad found and detonated a second package containing what is now said to have chemical compounds, possible parts of a bomb (Ch. 9 – OKC – 10/06). This was originally reported as a second device by authorities (see OU Pres. Boren’s first statement listed above). Reports state this package was found in the lower-level of the nearby parking garage (early newspaper reports). This claim was later refuted by Boren (10/02).

Authorities on the scene cordoned off the area around the park bench where the explosion occurred and PADLOCKED the gates of the Stadium and did not let people leave until the end of the game. At that time they let everyone out of gates away from the crime scene.

7.) FBI cleared out the Parkview apartment building on 10/02 and hauled away several times explosives deemed very volatile. Authorities detonated them on the local PDs test range before notifying others. People report hearing that explosion some 4-5 miles from the range. Ch. 5 the next day showed a large crater where the explosives had been buried before being detonated.

Also found in the apartment was Islamic papers and such (This report of papers found is “RUMORED” at this time). Reports that came out before the search warrant was sealed also state that they confiscated his hard-drive.

Neighbors interviewed (Channel 9 video) reported being awoken at 6am by authorities and asked to clear the building. Approximately 35 students were evacuated from the apartment complex. They were told to pack for a day as the search could last for 24 hours.

FBI also confiscated items out of Hinrich’s car but did not impound it – instead leaving it in the apartment building’s parking lot. Clearly seen is FBI paperwork left in the car which is still parked outside his apartment complex indicate 13 plastic bottles.*

*According to a fellow freeper’s report FNC last night (10/07) in an interview with a terrorism expert stated that a bomb inside a plastic bottle of the sort found when detonated inside a bus could easily kill 100-150 people. Veteran journalist, and Director of The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Media and Public Policy, Mark Tapscott is reporting on his personal blog reports on the 13 plastic bottles found.

The FBI also took the bench in question which was replaced on Sunday (I think) – I do know it was replaced very quickly after authorities took down the tape and such.

8.) The device used and presumably most of the explosives detonated the next night (10/02) were TATP (Ch. 5 KOCO & Ch. 9) – “mother of satan” is the name the Islamic Jihadists call it. Very volatile substance. Again KKTV Ch. 11 is now reporting that this was a remote control device located on Hinrichs back. It is important to note that this was NOT a pipe bomb as original reports indicated.

Mark Tapscott (identified above) is reporting on his personal blog that there are holes in the tree near the bench that could indicate there was “shrapnel” type materials in the bomb itself which would further associate this bomb with the type commonly used in terrorist suicide bombings. He states the holes contain some type of metallic substance and are approximately the size of 16-penny nail heads.

UPDATE RE: Holes in the tree…
Pictures of the tree have reportedly been taken and posted at the following blog with the comments
There are no holes in the tree”. The writer of the journal admits he is not an expert. Also note that a poster at FreeRepublic mentioned the picture of the tree is blurry while the cable car in the background is in focus.

Mark Tapscott, who orginally reported the holes responds to this by saying he has shown the pictures to experts, spoke with his sources, and stands by his previous statements.

9.) Roommate of Joel Hinrichs is named Fazal M. Cheema and is reportedly MIA at this time. He has not offered any statements regarding this case. There were reports that he was brought in for questioning by the FBI and then released back to his apartment, but this can not be accurate as the entire apartment complex at that time he supposedly returned was evacuated. Acquaintances report that Cheema has moved to another apartment in Norman, but he has not been reached for comment.

Cheema is from Pakistan and is a Muslim (this doesn’t mean he is a radical terrorist, although many would find it odd that given the amount of materials confiscated by the FBI out of his small apartment that he had no clue Hinrichs was making bombs). The Oklahoman reported that he did indeed attend the “local mosque” (presumably the one several blocks from his house – the same one as Moussoui.)

I find it important to note that a man by the name of Tariq Alzoubi* stated that Cheema was an “atheist” although it is never stated who this man is or how he would know this. Unnamed members of the Islamic Society of Norman say that Cheema is not a Muslim and does not attend the mosque. (see this article ). However, Houda Elyazgi of the OK Univ. Muslim Student Association did not dispute the claim that Cheema was a Muslim when interviewed by MSNBC’s Rita Cosby on Friday, Oct. 7, 2005.

According to the OU Student’s Directory Cheema worked at the football stadium.

Reports state that an airline ticket belonging to Cheema for a date in the future was for a trip to Algeria. (Confirmed reported on KKTV11 out of CO Springs 10/06 & Ch. 9 video).

Cheema was taken into custody by the FBI and later released along with at least 4 others in an apartment he was seen emerging from the night of October 1st. Cheema has also reportedly taken a polygraph test.

OU instructor Hossam Barakat states in an interview that he knew Cheema, and that Cheema just happened to stop by the apartment he was visiting with friends at around midnight the night of Oct 1/2.

Barakat states in this interview with The Oklahoman that he blames his arrest and questioning on “bad timing”.

The others came under suspicion because Cheema had stopped by an apartment where they were talking around midnight Oct. 1, Barakat said.

“Cheema always come to this apartment. That night, he just walk in,” Barakat said.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: Where was Fazal M. Cheema in the time after the blast and before he stopped by the apartment at midnight? I assume this is what the FBI questioned him about, but I haven’t heard the question posed anywhere else, as this is the first time I’ve heard a time mentioned regarding the time Cheema showed up at the apartment.

(10/14) In a new column written by Michelle Malkin (Nothing to see here – Move Along) she reports the following;

Never mind the concerns of Oklahoma University student journalist Rachael Kahne, who told me this week in a call for the media’s help:

“I’ve been working on this story since the night it happened, and have been stonewalled at every turn. . . . Minutes after the explosion, police busted into a student’s apartment and arrested four Muslim students who were there for a small gathering (the president of the Muslim Student Association assures me this was in no way a “party” ). Among those arrested [and later released] was Fazal Cheema, Joel Henry Hinrichs’ Pakistani roommate. I was baffled when I heard this. I didn’t know how police would be able to identify who Hinrichs was, where he lived, who his roommate was, and then find where his roommate was in a matter of minutes. Something isn’t adding up, and I’ve been wracking my brain for the past week trying to figure out what happened here. OU isn’t saying anything more than the typical PR spin, and the FBI won’t talk.”

This leaves me to wonder about the reports of the time of arrest given by both Mr. Barakat, and Ms. Kahne’s source (who I am presuming** is the President of the Muslim Student Association Ashraf Hussein referred to in the comment about the “party” ).

If Ms. Kahne’s source is indeed correct and Cheema was taken into custody just minutes after the explosion then it raises a whole new set of questions like – How did the authorities know who Cheema was and where to find him. If the source is correct why the time discrepancy related by Mr. Barakat? (I guess they could both be telling the truth – perhaps Cheema was taken into custody minutes after the explosion and the men arrested inside the apartment were set up? But that’s a little far-fetched, IMHO.)

OU President Boren stated that everyone in and around Hinrichs apartment have been questioned and no-one is being held by law enforcement. More about the students and the OU instructor taken into custody can be read here and in this new article (10/13) here.

* Tariq Alzoubi was quoted in another article (article at FR) on 10/09 that he was “not happy, but relieved” when it turned out the victim was white, and not Middle Eastern. He then states, “Then the issue came up that his roommate might be Pakistani.”

If he knows Cheema well enough to say he is an atheist, how would he not know where he is from? Alzoubi himself is originally from Jordan and Saudi Arabia. He mentions that before 9/11 he knew 30 other Saudis, but afterwards all but 2 left. (Not sure why this is important to the article.)

UPDATE (10/12):
I have discovered that Tariq is another “voice of OU”. He is a bi-weekly column writer at the OU paper the OK Daily. Hardly what I would call an “objective voice”. I have also discovered several other incredible things about Mr. Alzoubi – mainly his “co-composer” status on an OU Student page along with a “Mohamed Jihad”?!?! Please see the in-depth information on Tariq I have compiled below the summary in the “In-Depth Information” Section to further understand Alzoubi’s possible motivations regarding this case…

** The reason I presume Mr. Hussein to be the source of her comments is because the statement to her reflects comments printed and attributed to him in this article.

10.) There are reports of Joel being seen at a local mosque on numerous occassions (Ch.9 or 4 reported this). I will note at this time that there are conflicting reports coming out about whether Joel ever visited the mosque in question. It is known that his roommate visited the mosque (this doesn’t mean he worshipped there).

11.) Hinrichs attempted to buy Ammonium Nitrate (AN) on September 29, at Ellison’s Feed and Seed store in Norman. The general manager of the feed store, Dustin Ellison stated that Joel came in asking to purchase a large amount of AN. When asked why he needed it the owner of the feed store said he mumbled an answer. Ellison stated that Hindrichs was dressed in a green vest with many pockets (photographer’s type), which also had some sort of wires sticking out of the pockets.

Norman PD verified today (10/06) that an off-duty police officer was in the store at the time, overhead the conversation, became suspicious, and got a license plate number. The Norman PD officer called in the tag numbers to dispatch and Joel came back “clean” on paper. They did identify him as an OU student, and obtained an address at that time.

In a press conference held on October 6, Norman Police Lt. J.D. Younger stated that the officer followed procedure, contacted the Norman bomb squad and would’ve alerted the investigative bureau via written report when he returned to work on the following Monday (two days after the bombing). The off-duty officer has not been named by officials and it has been stated there was nothing to relate the overheard conversation to the events on October 1 other than it is the same person thought at this time to have died in the explosion.

12.) Jayna Davis, author of “The Third Terrorist” and a contributor at World Net Daily reported in an interview on October 6 (with the Jack Riccardi radio show aired by KTSA San Antonio) that she called the Attorney General requesting a copy of the search warrant used by the FBI. The AG stated that the file was sealed. When she asked him why – if this was a lone suicide – the file was sealed she said he became uncomfortable. She further pressed and he was forced to admit that there was still an ongoing investigation. The AG refused to speculate on whether the file would ever be opened or when.

The next day she reported (perhaps more accurately than during the interview) in an article for World News Daily that she had spoken with the US Attorney’s office in Oklahoma. Here is an excerpt from her article at WND:

Oklahoma bombing search warrant sealed

“Bob Troester, first assistance(Michelle’s note: assistant?) U.S. attorney in Oklahoma City, said the department requested the warrant be sealed, but declined to elaborate when asked why it was necessary to do so given previous media reports that a depressed Hinrichs acted alone and on a whim.

“You can draw whatever assumption you like,” he said. “We don’t comment on any sealed indictments.” “

Suffice to say that most of us who have been following this story agree that it stinks to high heaven as far as the “official line” goes.

This is especially true considering the history of Norman, OK, OKC, OU, and the presence of Hamas and Al Qaeda groups which are known to law enforcement. (Moussoui(SP?), Atta, Nick Berg, et al…) You can read a short summary of the intersecting paths in OK at this posting provided by Freeper laz. (The “unnamed site” he refers to is: )

Probably the most remarkable thing about all of this is the lack of coverge in the MSM nationwide. Fox originally broke the story and then pulled it. A google search of news (on 10/03) showed only 300 or so articles vs. over 6,000 for Bali and over 1600 for the NY boating accident which took place on the 2nd.

This is slowly changing over the last day or so (10/08) as several editorial writers have commented on this and the AP has released another updated article.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention at this time my thanks to all my fellow FReepers at FreeRepublic. So many people have been instrumental in pulling together information, posting new articles and links, as well as providing first-hand statements. I personally would like to thank the following people who I have been working closely with: Freeper PhiKapMom, Rte66, indcons, and laz. Freeper indcons has been updating links on a daily basis, as has Freeper Cindy. Backhoe the other day developed a thread that would keep all new information and thread links posted in one place without the usual commentary in his Link Roundup Thread.

Many other Freepers have contributed significant parts to this report as always at FreeRepublic – TEAMWORK is key!!! Thanks to all who have been pinging me and freepmailing me and others with info!

For new articles directly related to this case the keywords: NORMANBOMBING & OUBOMBING are being used at Free Republic to tie all threads together.

I will keep editing and adding to this summary as I have time and information becomes available.

Again thanks for everyone’s assistance in gathering information on this event! If you have more information, or would like to point out an error I have made please make a comment below.

Thank you for your time in reading this summary, and everyone’s words of encouragement!

Michelle K.
aka Freeper LibertyRocks



Links to related articles and information regarding people, events, and information in this summary…

OU President David L. Boren:

His past:
Boren was Governor of Oklahoma from 1975 to 1979. He is also a former U.S. Senator from Oklahoma who was in office from 1979 to 1994. He is a 1963 graduate of Yale University and a Rhodes Scholar. (He has also been identified as a member of the infamous “Skull and Bones” group.)

Some serious allegations regarding his character and reasons he may be “compromised” have been presented in the past and may continue to play a role in the treatment of this case at and by officials at the University of Oklahoma.

I present to my readers the following links
along with this disclaimer:

None of the following can be proven beyond shadow of a doubt. However, both students at OU and people with political ties locally have confirmed the truth of the statements given at the following webpage on numerous occasions.

Don your tin-foil hat if you have one, but could this be one of the reasons Boren wants to end the investigation into this case and has from the beginning tried to keep it under wraps?

George Tenet’s Failure is the Legacy of David Boren
Was a Bungled Sting Operation a Factor in the 9/11 Attacks?
Main Article by Michael Phillip Wright, Norman, OK
Update to main article

also this article written in 2001 by Mr. Wright:
Fall 2001: David Boren’s Peculiar Relationship to a Pakistani Student Accused of Anthrax Threat

Who is Tariq Alzoubi?
(New on 10/12/05)

This is the student who commented in several articles regarding Hinrichs’ roommate Fazal M. Cheema.

I have discovered that Tariq is an opinion column writer at the University of Oklahoma. His column appears every other Wednesday. Hardly what I would call an “objective” voice in all of this. I suspect he is the writer of this column which must contain a “spin alert”.

Tariq is also listed as the contact for the Arab Student Association at OU.

Read Tariq Alzoubi’s editorial (originally printed in the OK Daily (OU) Newspaper). It has been posted on the “Friends of Al-Jazeera” website.
“Considering Al-Jazeera: Objectivity and controversy”.

Also of interest is a
Letter to the Editor of the Arab Times in which he mentions being “pushed around by the West”. This letter was apparently sent on Sept. 15, 2005.

Most interesting, is this OU student webpage found on the OU system. It is an overview of political unrest in the Middle East. At the bottom “composer” credit goes to the following people; Tariq Alzoubi, Aaron Harner, Matt Sexauer, Adam Envoldson, Zak Abbott, and MOHAMED JIHAD!?!? Interesting indeed…
(It has come to my attention that Mohamed Jihad is allegedly the name of a real person who assisted in making the pages linked above. It is not my intention to make fun of someone’s name, given that that name is used in the movie “Team America” I thought it was perhaps a “joke” on the part of the creators of the site.)


The Muslim Student Association: A Wahabbi Front
by Steven Schwartz (a Muslim) – orginally published on

How I made “Jihad in America” and lived to tell about it
by Steve Emerson – Chapter 1 Online at the AIJAC!
Book Excerpt mentions (among other things) a meeting of the Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA) that he sat in on back in 1992 in Oklahoma City, OK. Incredible information about the state of terrorists in America. (Thanks to
Iris Blog for pointing out this link).

Science Takes on the “Mother of Satan” Triceratone Triperoxide (TATP)

Extensive list of attacks attributed to Islamic Terrorists

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