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The Anti-Obama March on Washington – Millions in attendance?

Posted by Admin on September 13, 2009

UPDATED: There are updated numbers from the U.S. Parks Police — they now estimate that 1.2 Million Protesters attended the Grassroots March on Washington on 9/12/09.

March on Washington

The blog “Exposing Obama” has posted information about the march today including pictures of the crowds.  There are several different versions on the count going around.  NBC’s “own people” say at least hundreds of thousands”, and the Daily Mail in the UK are reporting up to 2 million were there.

They had to close down Pennsylvania Avenue to accomodate protestors who were trying to get to the mall.

This was a great day for our country, for so many to take time out and come tell our government “in person” that we are TIRED of the lies, and the out of control slide into a Communist or Fascist country.

Be sure to check out the coverage – print, video & pictures!

@ :

A ‘Sea of people from the Capitol to the White House” for the March on Washington against Obama


March on Washington

Taxpayer Rally

Taxpayer Rally


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~ SPECIAL REPORT: Foley Scandal a Prank Gone Awry? – New World Exclusive at DrudgeReport!

Posted by Admin on October 5, 2006

According to a new report from Drudge the whole IM incident that has been the impetus for Foley’s resignation and the current attack on Hastert and the Republican party was a prank initiated by a group of pages intent on embarassing Foley.

According to the following Drudge Report the prank went awry when the messages got into the hands of a political operative.
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World and US News Links – August 8, 2006

Posted by Admin on August 8, 2006

globe.gifWelcome to Liberty Rock’s
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I am a little behind right now, some of the following links have been hiding for a while in my bookmarks. Wednesday’s Issue will be large as I clean out my Email Inbox for the last 2 days or so. I also included some extra information on how you can help our troops that are currently serving in many parts of the world. They deserve our support. Please help in any way you can.
Thanks! – Liberty Rocks





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Proof of WMD in Iraq – Iraqi Documents Translated

Posted by Admin on June 17, 2006

To my liberal friends:
Please… put away your "Bush Lied" signs, stop shouting, take a deep breath, and please listen to this…

One of the major dividing points in this war comes over the issue of WMDs. The left claims Bush lied about Saddam having these types of chemical weapons and such, the right claims they are still there.

Mounting evidence has come to light following the fall of Saddam's regime that confirm Bush's (and other politicians — both Republican and Democrat) beliefs in the existence of WMDs within Iraq under Sadaam's control, as well as his ability to either acquire said weapons and/or produce them himself. However, not many people know about any existence of such proof.

Here is the latest evidence that has come to light regarding the existence of WMDs in Iraq:

It appears from documents that have been released(.pdf FILE) by the Pentagon and then translated into English, that within Iraq there is — at this moment — a cache of chemical weapons buried in the sands somewhere in the vicinity of Falluja.

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