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Democrats for Oil & Communism

Posted by Admin on June 19, 2008


Today, Rep. Hinchey (D) has “stepped back” from his call for nationalization of oil refineries… Sort of.

In an interview with FOX News today we have the following offering:

But on Thursday, Hinchey avoided questions over his support for U.S. ownership of refineries in an interview with FOX News. He conceded, however, that the idea was unlikely.

Asked if he advocated the government taking over the oil business, he said: “Let’s be serious. The government is not going to be taking over these refineries. … But I do think we need to be putting national pressure on these oil companies … to let them know that we’re prepared to do whatever is in the national interest of the people of this country. That’s our job — do what is in the public interest.”

Rep. Hinchey Steps Off Idea of Oil Refinery Nationalization,
FOX News, June 19, 2008

No, Rep. Hinchey your JOB is to uphold the Constitution, not make recommendations for communist actions. Your job is to work within the confines of the U.S. Constitution when suggesting solutions. If you were truly interested in the public interest as you state you would never even CONSIDER what you suggested yesterday. He may be backtracking now, but he sure sounded firm yesterday… Perhaps someone pulled him aside and pointed out that his recommendation would be illegal here in the U.S.!


Now, most people have probably heard at one time or another Republicans, Libertarians and others cry out that “Democrats are nothing more than communists”! A lot of those same people seem to think conservatives are just overreacting and smearing them.

Well, for those who have any doubts, they need look no further than Washington this week where several Democrats have now suggested, in public, that government control of oil companies is the way to solve our looming energy “crisis”. That’s right, they are calling for nationalization of oil refineries. [For those who may not be aware of what this means – it means that they want the government to take control of these companies away from private owners. They want to assume ownership of these refineries. In doing so, they also claim that they can regulate the amount of oil on the market and thus regulate the price of said oil.]

This is outright communism. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. Now, they might lie and say it’s “socialism”, but when the GOVERNMENT owns the means of production it cannot be called anything other than communism. If anyone really thinks that “we the people” control our government, then they haven’t really been paying attention. But, somehow, they think that if the government takes control things will end up just peachy – because you know things have worked out so well for the Venezuelan people since Chavez took over that now our representatives want to do the same things here! (And yes, that was sarcasm!)

For all the complaining they do about our rights being taken away, and our Constitution being torn to shreds, they don’t seem too concerned that this solution would violate the rights of citizens, and thereby undermine the personal property rights of every citizen. They seem to think that because it is the oil companies and the wealthy that own them that they somehow don’t have the same rights as other citizens.

I’m actually so completely disgusted that members of the U.S. House of Representatives are proposing an outright communist solution to these problems that I’m having trouble coming up with the words at this point! I, no doubt, will have to come back to this issue when I get over my shock and speechlessness.

So, for now, I’ll just give you a few links to places you can read more about this proposal yourself. Fans of this blog will no doubt understand what a disaster this policy would be, and why it goes against the very principles of our nation.

Oh, and one more thing before I give you those links – remember the restaurant that serves our Congress critters? It USED to be owned by our government… It steadily lost money so they decided it would be best to privatize it – that’s right they sold it to someone else because they couldn’t do a good enough job of managing it! And now, these same people, think they can take over the oil companies? They couldn’t even run a restaurant, and yet, here they are wanting to be put in control of our oil industry… Could they really be that naive? Answer: Yes, they are!

Another interesting thing I must note – I tried to find more information about what was said by these Democrats yesterday and what I did find was a deafening silence on the part of the MSM. Just another example of the truth taking a back-seat to political posturing. God forbid, the American public be exposed to what these Democrats are proposing – why that might muck things up for the media’s poster-boy candidate the marxist Obama…



Be Careful What You Wish For, Congress” – Neil Cavuto,, June 18, 2008

Dems want control over U.S. oil flow: Hinchy joins Waters, says ‘We should own oil refineries” – WND June 19, 2008


Maurice Hinchey: Let’s Nationalize Oil! – Video from Neil Cavuto’s show on FNC, June 18, 2008
(This video at YouTube contains a very disturbing interview with a liberal who thinks this is a wonderful idea. Neil’s points are completely lost on her… In fact, at the end Cavuto jokingly says, “as long as you don’t nationalize the media”, she laughingly replies that it would be the first thing on the list! Well, why not, that’s another thing Hugo Chavez has done too – because you can’t have a communist government without a Free Press after all…)

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