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~ Missing Video Report @ KOCO-TV Ch. 5

Cover-up in the Norman Bombing Case or
Just a Broken Link?
Missing Video Report at KOCO-TV Ch. 5
This was originally published in October of 2005 at my old blog; “On Politics & Other Random Thoughts”

A few days ago I set forth trying to preserve some video news reports I had seen over at Channel KOCO Channel 5. While going through the page I noticed that one particular video had a broken link. That video report was titled “Learning about Hinrichs” and was broadcast on, I believe, either October 2nd or 3rd. I thought it odd at the time and raised suspicions at my favorite online forum…

OKC Ch 9 : OU Suicide Bomber Attempted Stadium Entry/5 Others Involved, Ticket to Algeria Found [@]

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Can any of you access the mp3 911 tapes listed at the bottom of the right-hand column on this page;

Same for the one video “Learning about Hinrichs” a little farther up in their video section?

Someone earlier mentioned saving these before they went away… looks like it’s already starting to happen, at least at Ch. 5.

(NOTE: I have since been able to access the 911 tapes that indeed was a problem with my computer…)

Then yesterday a bunch of us were reviewing the facts in this case and I remembered watching a video report during which a female reporter talked about large chunks of time during which Joel H. Hinrichs III – the man identified as the OU Bomber – could not be accounted for. Also mentioned in this report were questions about where Joel had been getting money during this time period.

I then embarked on a tedious journey of reviewing video taped report on all 3 channels out of Oklahoma City – Channels 4, 5 & 9. I was frustrated because I couldn’t find the video I had seen, and I was positive it was shown either Sunday or Monday. Upon failing to find the video I was looking for I then proceeded to watch every other tape available… it was during the course of this whole review that it became obvious to me, and I remain 99.9% positive, that the video I am looking for is indeed the missing video at Channel 5.

You can go to the webpage here and try the link yourself if you haven’t already done so…

The title is is still visible in the right hand column. Just scroll down to the video link titled “Learning about Hinrichs” and see if you get the same “server error” page I come up with. If you don’t please review it and see if my suspicions are not confirmed – if you can dispell this please also let me know!

This is where things get interesting, and speculation on my part leads me to believe the reason the report is missing is not a “mistake”.

You see, unlike both Channel 4 and Channel 9 who have been doing their own in-depth investigating, Channel 5 – who originally reported along the same vein – has inexplicably begun to stand out as the only local media station supporting OU and the FBI’s Official version of events. This change came earlier within the first week. Sparing everyone details that they can read elsewhere on my blog suffice to say that the “official story” ignores a bevy of facts in this case. Also interesting is that Channel 5 is taking a “PC” line when it comes to refusing to report any indication that there could have been a terrorist link in this bombing – another thing that defies explanation to those of us who have been closely following this case.

Could it be that Channel 5 realized their own report didn’t jive with the official version? Is this missing link in response to OU or the FBI requesting information reported not be released? Or is this a concerted effort to cover-up the real story?

I’ll let you the reader decide what you think. For now, I’m just left wishing I had transcribed that video when I first saw it. Live and learn I guess.


Missing Video Screen Shot Pictures (.gif files):

Missing Video Screen Shot:

Video Title Screen Shot:

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