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Michelle K.

My name is Michelle K. and I’m a mid-western born and raised girl, who moved out West to Denver for a while, and now lives in a small city in Central Wisconsin.

I enjoy keeping up with current events as their subject matter intrigues me, and I regularly delve into internet research of quite a few other non-news subjects. I enjoyed working on several political campaigns while in Colorado as a media director, campaign coordinator, and website designer. I continue to be interested in political type subject matter — I don’t however, have any interest in being part of any political party at this moment.

If I had to describe myself in political terms I guess I would be a libertarian-leaning semi-conservative anti-socialist independent who believes that we should uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights — all of it — and elect men and women of honor and integrity to be our voices in Washington.

I’m frustrated by what I see as a lack of news reaching my friends and neighbors and I’d like to do what I can to spread the word of important information I think we should all be aware of. Sometimes, our media doesn’t always tell us the whole truth about things. Sometimes it would seem that our media takes us for fools with some of the bias and reporting that happens.

That kind of stuff makes me upset so here is how things will be on my blog:

I promise to tell you upfront if what I am saying is my hypothesis or personal “feeling” about the story, or from what facts I am basing my opinion on. Sometimes, I’m going with my gut instinct and feelings on what I see as right and wrong, and I’m not going to deny that. I also can’t deny that my blog will be naturally biased — this blog is more like an editorial section with links to background/extra information on the subject at hand — so please be respectful of my opinions, and I will be of yours…

I believe we should all strive to be as well-informed as we can — especially these days with the amount of stuff going on daily that impact all of our lives. I hope I can help in some small way to get the word out… If you find this blog interesting and/or useful, please tell your friends about it ( ).

Thanks for reading the Liberty Rocks Blog!

Take Care & Stay Safe!
– Michelle K.

A special note:

I received the comment posted below from “Sam” and I’ve given it space here as I wish to give it a proper place, (not on the page about Platte Canyon Tragedy as it deals with other issues that are not a factor in that situation).

I would like to express that it is not my intention to “slur” the Islamic religion. I believe people may be getting the wrong impression about me, and my beliefs and intentions due to a “hit piece” created by a liberal blog writer at: TheWorld’ in his entry that he made slamming my website and me specifically. This person does not know me and obviously didn’t bother to read my comment back to him on this site, or this page where it explains my politics. I am not a “Bush Lover” (as in our current President). In fact, I am not a “follower” of any specific political party in our country, preferring to be an independent because no party in our country reflects my personal beliefs and feelings at this time. They have all gotten away from the basics, IMHO.

However, I was raised to respect ANY president that is in charge of our country. Simply because I do not take every opportunity to use profanity, or degrading comments in regards to our President does not mean that I approve of every decision he has made. I do feel that the type of attitude exhibited on the blog I mentioned, towards our country, and our towards our President in particular, as often displayed by Liberals, Democrats, and others on the “left” does more to hurt our country than help resolve issues that we are questioning. I am a firm believer in questioning those who run our country, and others who step forward to state their personal opinions. However, this must be done with facts to back up our claim – and not just talking points put forward by political parties – and it must be done with respect unlike the example shown by “TheWorldsMostBoringBlog” towards myself and the Republican Party (with the exclusion of calling liberals on their mistakes as well).

It is truly a shame that more of our elected officials are not Statesmen who actually value the restraints of the Constitution. I could go on as there is much more I could say about both parties, but I wanted to reply to Sam’s comment, and I am getting off-topic, as I am often wont to do…

Again, on “TheWorldsMostBoringBlog” the author made an assumption about my intentions and my meaning without bothering to ask me and assumptions as the saying goes to “assume” makes an “ass out of you and me”. One of my visitors, “Sam” has at least given the opportunity for me to explain myself, without judging me unfairly, and with respect, and I do appreciate that. Here is Sam’s comment:

Sam wrote:

I respect and share the feeling and wish you expressed in your prayer towards learning to co-exist peacefully. I just hope the word Islamic was not there. Not knowing your intentions I feel this is another occasion you’ve taken to slur this religion.

The main victims of the insanity the world has engulfed in since 911 are muslims themselves who are dying in the thousands in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and (for an “entertaining short period” from reading your press) in Lebanon. I understand you are talking about extremist groups, but your text easily suggests that Islam is to
be blamed. So please stop feeding the confusion.

If the one billion+ muslims in the world wanted to assert control over others or hated your freedom than they would have done so a long time ago. The madness and hatred in the Arab street is due to the great injustice being committed in both Iraq (now) and Palestine (now and then).

You should know this better than anyone. If you love LIFE and GOD as you indicate than you should love the Palestinians and Iraqis as much as you love the Americans and Israelis.

First, I have no clue what Sam refers to as the “entertaining short period” from “my” press. There was and is nothing “entertaining” about war… Also, as far as taking another “occasion” to slur this religion I am not sure what is meant by that…

Please know that when I used the description of “Radical Islamic Terrorists” in the prayer posted at my site, I am specifically referring to the Militant, Radical Islamic groups such as; al Qaeda, Jemaah Islamiya (Gama’a al-Islamiyya), Hamas, Hezbollah, Abu Sayyaf, Tanzeem Qaedat al-Jihad Fi Bilad al-Rafidayn, Fedayeen Saddam, al-Aqsa Martyr Brigades, Taliban, The Lord’s Resistance Army, Mujahedin-e Khalq, Ansar al-Islam, and ANY OTHER group that uses a radical interpretation of the Quaran or ANY OTHER group that uses a radical interpretation of the Bible, or the Talmud to justify their actions of violence against others — even those within their own religious group. The only problem is, I personally do not know of any Jewish or Christian identity group that are actively perpetrating violence on the large scale that these Islamic Terrorist groups are in our modern world.

The term Islamic Terrorists is a term that is aptly applied to the groups specified above, because it is indeed how they identify themselves – as having blessing by Allah, and waging their atrocities in the name of Allah, and backed by their interpretation of the Quaran.

As read in my prayer I also pray for other victims of racist, radical groups that use violence to assert their power, and or promote their views upon the world. This includes anti-Homosexual groups, Separatist Groups, or any other group that thinks using violence is acceptable – it is not – except as a means of defense.

Sam mentions that I should love the people of Palestine, and Iraq as much as I love Americans and Israelis — I do. I also see how the radical portions of their population are causing them much strife and harm, and are indeed the cause of these problems. The bombings that happen daily in Iraq are perpetrated by ISLAMIC RADICALS who are not interested in creating a democracy but would instead wish to institute a government based on Sharia law, or reinstate the murderous regime such as Saddam Hussein’s which murdered thousands each year. These RADICALS have also colored a generation of people who live within despotic regimes, teaching them that ALL Americans are those they should hate.

Teaching them that our leader is the “Great Satan”, and teaching them racially intolerant beliefs (like Jewish people use the blood of Christians to make Matzoh bread on passover) and that the Holocaust in WWII (against Jews and ALL who defended them – including Christians and members of other religions who recognized the pure evil perpetrated by the Nazis) did not happen. It DID happen and members of my own family were Christian victims of these atrocities in Poland. I also have Jewish friends who lost multiple family members to the hands of the Nazis.

These “leaders” who are widely praised in the largely Muslim populations of countries in the Middle East create the “anger in the Arab Street” far more than any actions taken on “our” part (meaning Americans). These thoughts and beliefs were in place a VERY long time before the Iraq war, and indeed they conveniently forget the Americans that helped those in Afghanistan fight against the Russians who would have taken over that country just a few short decades ago. (Personally I am more a favor of Jefferson’s view of entangling alliances as causing more harm than good, but we are all human and make what can later be viewed as “mistakes” — on BOTH sides of this current issue).

These issues are far more complex than I can explain or speak to here. I suggest everyone truly look at the history of our world.

I have personally spoken with people who lived under Saddam’s rule and to call these people who wish a return to the “old ways” “Freedom Fighters” betrays the spirit of freedom itself. These are the people who target civilians SPECIFICALLY as can be seen in Iraq on a daily basis now. These are the people who sent suicide bombers into Israel at such a frequency that their children have to be taught how to evade kidnappers and deal with fear on a daily basis. These are the people who have brought strife and killing to their own populations (like the Taliban) who believe everyone in their proximity must believe EXACTLY as they do. Indeed, I do love ALL God’s children in this world. I wish and pray for a world of peace where people of ALL religions are free to believe as they wish so long as it doesn’t harm someone else and they do not use violence to “persuade” others to join them in their beliefs. Again, I could go on, but I think (hope) you all understand what I am saying.

Please also notice I am not saying that the United States (or any other country’s) Military does not have members among it who are just as bad as some of the terrorists they are fighting against (like those who rape and kill Muslim women in Iraq). In my opinion they should be tried and held accountable for their crimes (as some currently are). I don’t think anyone in our military puts up with that stuff, or should if they are in a position to stop it. It is possibly the WORST type of crime akin in my mind to child molestation because they are using a position of authority as an excuse to hurt others which is never acceptable. I personally know of no member of our military who does not feel as I do about this. I guess I will end it here.

If there are those who believe the tripe spoken by “The World’s Most Boring Blog” then there is not much I can do to at this point to change your mind. This is all I will say on the subject, taking a cue from Martin Luther King, Jr. who said (paraphrased) that if he spent time answering all of his detractors he wouldn’t have any time left in the day to do the important work he achieved in his life.

Again, Prayers for the innocent of ALL nations, and FREEDOM for all people of the world is my wish…

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