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~ U.S. Magistrate Unseals Documents in OU Case

U.S. Magistrate Unseals FBI Documents
in OU Bombing Case
This was originally published in November of 2005 at my old blog;
“On Politics & Other Random Thoughts”

U.S. Court Magistrate Valerie Couch ordered the unsealing of documents related to the OU Bombing on Friday, November 18, 2005 according to reports from the AP and The Oklahoman.

The unsealed documents confirm that the explosives taken out of Hinrichs apartment was indeed TATP – “The Mother of Satan”.

A quote in both the AP article and The Oklahoman from a bomb squad technician, who was NOT involved with the investigation, reported that the amount of explosives taken was enough to “very easily take both your hands off”. However, previous reports of the amount of trips made by the bomb squad to remove the explosives on Sunday, October 2nd and the resultant sound and shock waves from the detonation (heard for miles, and which shook front windows at least 4-5 miles away) would seem to indicate a much greater amount.

Hinrich’s roommate, Fazal Cheema, reportedly told the FBI that the two students did not socialize with each other. They had been living together since June 6, 2005.

Included in the documents was the wording of a screen note found on Hinrichs’ laptop computer, which was still on when the FBI arrived to search the apartment early Sunday (10/02) morning. With a blinking cursor at the end it read, “… all this. None of you are worth living with. You can all kiss my ass.”

Below I have listed links to articles containing reported details regarding these new developments.

NOTES – 9/18/06: Please note that the articles below may not be available due to Agreements of these stations with the Associated Press, or their own archives. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause even though it is out of my hands…

OU bomber left a final message: ‘None of you are worth living with’
The Oklahoman

Highly explosive material found in apartment of Coloradoman who blew self up near football game
AP article via KUSA-TV Ch. 9, Denver

Explosives found in OU Student Apartment
KRDO-TV Ch. 13, Colorado Springs

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