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~ Hinrichs’ Missing Ammo/Frat Meeting Notes

Did Joel Hinrichs Attract the Attention
of Authorities Over a Year Ago?
Missing Ammo Reported by Hinrichs in Fraternity Meeting Notes
This post was originally published in October of 2005 at my old blog;
“On Politics & Other Random Thoughts”

An intrepid FReeper by the moniker of Ray66 started going through the minutes of the Triangle Fraternity on 10/02. He found a few comments attributed to “Br. Hinrichs” and reproduced them on for our review.

One in particular stands out. In the comments Hinrichs refers to “missing ammo” from an EBay transaction…

Here are the notes;

Triangle Fraternity
Meeting Minutes for 04-11-04
(Meeting #12)

Br. Hinrichs
-Contiuing saga of missing ammo, guy on ebay told me he had my dorm address, didn’t register that address with ebay, told me it shipped two days after it did
-Computer is recovering

Just for the record, EBay doesn’t allow transactions of anything like bullets. But they do allow inactive stuff like old artillery shells. Hinrichs father in a recent interview stated that his son did indeed purchase artillery shells through EBay.

The reason I ask if this raised red-flags with authorities is because of the reference to the seller acquiring Joel’s dorm address, and the seller’s mistake on the shipping date. Did he speak with a member of law enforcement? Could be. However, there is no reason to assume that there was an ongoing investigation.

Note: It is not illegal to purchase artillery shells (and I don’t personally think it should be).

By the way, the Triangle Fraternity has shut down their website, and the ‘WayBackMachine’ (WWW archive) where these pages were originally obtained have blocked pages from the site as well. You can download the 3 pages I preserved at the following links:

Triangle Fraternity Meeting Notes (.zip files):
Please note:
If you find these files missing at quicksharing, please let me know. They are deleted from the host’s files if they are not downloaded for a certain period of time. You can contact me at: LibertyRocksBlog-AT-gmail-DOT-com (Eliminate the dashes and change words to the appropriate symbols.)

April 1st:
April 5th:
April 12th:

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