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~ OU Bombing Info and Links

updated2.gif – 9/21/06:
Well, it seems my old blog will not be up anytime soon (not that I have any way of knowing!), so I have decided to re-publish what I can here at the Liberty Rocks Blog. Thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement! – Michelle K.

Following are some of the gathered resources I have regarding the OU Bombing. Some of these resources need updating which I hope to get to ASAP. Please bookmark this new page for future reference purposes.

The following pages were originally posted at my old blog; On Politics & Other Random Thoughts. The free host that blog was at has subsequently “gone under”. I do not know if it will ever come back online, therefore I have decided to re-publish what I have saved here.

Comprehensive Summary of the OU Bombing events @ On Politics
This is my personal coverage of the events of October 1, 2005 and what followed. It was created out of a request while posting the night of October 1st on Many people had heard of the story late, and there needed to be a way for others to catch up to the latest news – then the summary was born. I have listed a lot of sources and such throughout the piece. This needs to be added to an updated, but it is pretty thorough up till the release of the FBI documents regarding the investigation in November of 2006.

Cover-up? Missing Video Report @ KOCO-TV Ch. 5
This page concerns a video news report that originally aired at KOCO-TV Ch. 5. It “mysteriously” disappeared after a day or two being available on the KOCO website. This particular video report contained information regarding a “missing year” of time when backtracking on Joel Hinrichs III’s activities in the years before the OU Bombing. When this video report aired and the days before it KOCO-TV’s reporters were digging and reporting what they found much as the other local stations. When the report was pulled off their website they began to only report the “official” Lone Suicide story pushed by OU President David Boren…

Hinrichs’ Missing Ammo – Triangle Fraternity Meeting Notes
This post discusses a possibility that Hinrichs may have attracted the attention of authorities a full year before the OU Bombing. This is pure speculation, but given some of the circumstances it seems likely that at least the EBay seller was doing some type of background checking before completing the sale.

OU Suicide Note? STILL More Questions Than Answers
This post discusses the “magical” appearance of a suicide note from Hinrichs. The FBI had originally reported that no suicide note was found, but later reversed this saying a “suicide note” had been found on Hinrichs’ computer when they originally searched his apartment. Read more at the link above…

OU Magistrate Unseals Documents in the OU Bombing Case
This post regards the unsealing of the FBI documents in the OU Bombing Case. You can read about the Judge’s orders and other information regarding this development at the link above…

FBI Docs Available for Download
This post highlights Michelle Malkin’s work in making available for interested parties the FBI’s Official OU Bombing Report.

updated2.gif – 9/18/06:
Following are links to downloadable documents related to the OU Bombing. I have placed them on a file sharing server called “QuickSharing”. After following the link simply click on the words “Download File” which appear under the header of the page, and above the Google Ads. The link to the FBI Documents at Michelle Malkin’s site still link to her blog… If you have any trouble downloading these files please do not hesitate to contact me at: LibertyRocksBlog @ (No Spaces).

FBI Statements (pdf-mini.gif.pdf Files):

October 2nd –
October 4th –

Statements from David Boren OU President (pdf-mini.gif.pdf documents):

1st Statement:
2nd Statement:
Letter from October 6, 2005:

Triangle Fraternity Meeting Notes (.zip files):

April 1st:
April 5th:
April 12th:

Missing Video Screen Shot Pictures (.gif files):

Missing Video Screen Shot:
Video Title Screen Shot:

FBI Documents @ Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin scanned and made available to the public the released FBI investigation documents including search warrant papers. Please visit her site via the link above to download the 90+ page .pdf file.

Related Free Republic Resources:

Original Breaking News Thread @
The original thread where posters at FreeRepublic first coordinated and shared our online investigative efforts on October 1-3, 2005.

OU Bombing Link Roundup by backhoe @
DON’T MISS THIS incredible resource for all things related to the OU Bombing. A great big thank you to backhoe for his tireless efforts.

October 1, 2005 to March 6, 2006
NOTES – 9/18/06: Most of the following links are to discussion threads available at Some links are to the original news sources and may become unavailable over time due to agreements with other news sources like the Associated Press or they may be moved to that site’s archives. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however it is out of my hands…
Thank you for your patience & understanding – Michelle K.

CNN AP-Wire Stories (Thanks to FReeper Eastbound):

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One Response to “~ OU Bombing Info and Links”

  1. Andrew said

    On February 28th, 2006, less than 4 months after the Hinrichs blast the Council on Islamic American Relations incorporated in Oklahoma. An incorporator, Lobda Hewedi listed an address of 504 Sooner drive ( right nextd door to Hinrichs) at Parkview apartments. “CAIR” is a controversial group with past leaders convicted or accused of terrorist defined crimes. Many commentators claim it is a Saudi supported group that has supported the various aims of groups like HAMAS, etc…

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