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McCain & Obama at Saddleback

Posted by Admin on August 17, 2008

8/19/08 ~ Added link to Side-by-Side text comparison of Obama and McCain’s answers.

I have to say that I am very impressed with Rick Warren’s event last night.  For the first time since this election started I think we got a very good view of both of the (major party) candidates and their views on the issues that we face as people – and as a country.  Personally, I think this format of interviews vs. debates was wonderful. This is a great way to hear what the candidates are saying without a moderator cutting people off, or one-up-manship on the part of the candidates themselves in trying to directly counter their opponents answers.

If you did not see the interviews that Rick Warren conducted last night, I definitely suggest setting aside some time to do so.  Below I have embedded the videos from CNN.  There are 4 portions in all – the first two are the interview with Obama, the next two are with McCain.

[I’m having trouble embedding these videos for some reason…  Please visit the following website to view all of the video available: View the ENTIRE Saddleback Civil Forum Interviews @ Blogs for JohnMcCain]

If you cannot view the videos, or would rather read the transcript, Rick Warren has posted it on his website.  Here is the link:

Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency – Broadcast Transcript

If you would like to compare the answers of both Obama and McCain side-by-side, please see the following webpage:

Saddleback Side by Side Comparison –

[Specific commentary on the interview questions & the candidates answers (still) coming soon!]

4 Responses to “McCain & Obama at Saddleback”

  1. Jeff said

    I have since made any corrections based on Saddleback’s final official transcript. The only material difference between my summary and their transcript, is that I provide the questions *only* and they are side-by-side.

  2. Admin said

    Thanks Jeff. I’ve edited the post to reflect that. 🙂

  3. Roy said

    It is not interesting me a Bit all thet defences you have put up for McCain, McCain Injury did not make McCain to be Below Average, because this Guy is way BELOW AVERAGE and during his Naval Service carrer, he had been favoured as he was pushed all over to be non Gravitas ACADEMICALLY, before being trained to handle 4 Naval Planes and he ended up CRASHING the whole 4 subsequently.

    Injury or no Injury, McCain could be seen as a Dullant and as an UNSKIFUL pilot as agaist among the best of American Naval Pilots of Great Records. You have mentioned in your Blog that McCain was not Skilful in handling planes but only He has to SHOW off, hence due to his lack of OPERATIONAL GADGETS as displyed in the Plane Cock pits where the Able pilots sit to manupulate and operate Aircraft with a good understanding of which Button to press when the Need arises. Albeit this to say McCain will find it EXTREMELY hard to read the ATOMIC Nuclear button when the need arises.

    Conclusively, McCain and the Creationist Palin would no DOUbt put America beind by 50 years of Political MIscalculation, what is more DEpressing,, is thet McCain lacks Grammatical understandings when it comes to American proper English and can not DEcipher simple ststements rather to be mis interpreting straight forward statements and DISTORTING Obama statements as BIG joker in the Jungle who lacks Primary Education.

    As such, I hope you dare not publish this write ups, because all indication poited to that alredy. Only that if you are an upright Editor you can therefore allows this to be published , then you can be seen as not far behind 26 years like McCain.

    Obma/Biden 08

  4. Admin said

    I think you’ve posted this on the wrong article. It sounds to me as if you were trying to make a point about the most recent Obama Ad. And, this certainly isn’t the article that discusses that. Perhaps you read the other article first, and then this one, and then hit the reply button?

    Would you like me to publish this on the correct page for you, or do you think you can do so yourself? You may also wish to read back over what you wrote, and edit this a bit. In some sections of your comment it seems you are missing some words, and at times the meaning gets turned around, and other times it makes it nearly impossible to understand what you are saying.

    Thanks for writing!

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