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Who is Joey Stanko – Biden’s “Average American” Gas-Pump Buddy?

Posted by Admin on October 2, 2008


Information contained within the following blog posting, has been determined to be inaccurate. Please see the following retraction for all the details, an explanation for why I didn’t just delete this entry, and my sincere apology to all involved:


Well, I just got done watching tonight’s debates.  I found it interesting when Joe Biden mentioned the name of an ordinary American who he apparently had a conversation with at a gas pump, about the economy, and about the cost of that gas!

Sen. Biden said the name of this “average American” is Joey Stanko.  Some on a popular Conservative message board jokingly said, “I’ll bet he made that name up”.

Now out of pure curiosity, I decided to do a quick google search, and lo and behold, “Joey Stanko” aka Joseph Stanko, Jr. is a LOBBYIST, in Washington working for Hunton & Williams!

His profile available here:
states the following:

Joseph Stanko, Jr.

Practice focuses on issue advocacy before Congress, White House and other Executive Branch officials in the areas of global climate change, renewable and bio-fuels, the Clean Air Act and other environmental laws, energy policy and Homeland Security.  Also provides strategic planning for corporations developing environmental mission statements or undertaking long-term business planning.

So the question now becomes… Did Biden have an astounding coincidence happen where the name of the “average American” he spoke to at the pump just happened to have the same name as a Washington Lobbyist pushing these exact issues?  Or, did Biden, in his attempt to one-up Palin and her anecdotal stories about people she has spoken to on the campaign trail simply make something up?

I truly believe there are no coincidences, and what would be the statistical chances that Joe would happen to run into “some guy” at a gas pump, speak about energy issues, and what are the chances that that “average American” would share the SAME NAME as a man who Biden is undoubtedly familiar with through his lobbying activities in Washington.  Again, there are no coincidences, and I believe the statistical chances are FIRMLY on my side when I say — Nice try Joe, but you’ve been BUSTED!

3 Responses to “Who is Joey Stanko – Biden’s “Average American” Gas-Pump Buddy?”

  1. Santos said

    Good catch. I hope you’ve forwarded this to Rush, Sean, Medved, etc.

    I liked the part where Biden talked about his “neighborhood.” As if he just lives in some 3 room rambler instead of some huge house in a gated community.

    I didn’t do the due dilligence to verify this but I’m confident I’m right.

  2. great find

  3. Dan said

    This comment has been edited, please see reason below:

    There are actually a lot of Joe Stankos in America, particularly in Pennsylvania, where the name, of Polish descent from Stankowiecz and variations thereof, is quite common. The Joseph Stanko at Hunton & Williams is indeed a Republican lawyer and lobbyist. He gives lots of money to Republican candidates and lobbies for the oil and gas interests.
    In his personal life [rest of comment censored, see below].

    NOTE FROM ADMIN: I have censored the rest of this comment as it contained accusations of a defamatory nature against the Joseph Stanko that I mistakenly identified as Biden’s “Gas Pump Buddy”. I felt that to best protect myself from a charge of publishing libelous remarks against someone whom I am pretty positive is still a private citizen and not a public figure, I deleted the remainder of Dan’s comment.

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