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The “Chosen One” has chosen Biden

Posted by Admin on August 23, 2008

Well, almost everyone in the country has now heard that Obama has picked Senator Joe Biden (D-Delaware) as his running mate. And, McCain wasted no time in getting this wonderful ad out there…

In the following ad you will hear – in his own words – what exactly Joe Biden thinks of Obama, and McCain…

And, in other news…

Check out this bumper sticker I made in honor of this annoucement:
” Obama bin Biden ’08 ”

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2 Responses to “The “Chosen One” has chosen Biden”

  1. mark Kraft said

    What the McCain campaign forgot was the full, very embarrassing context of the quote.,-2

    …basically, Biden told the Daily Show back in 2005 that he urged John McCain to switch parties and run as John Kerry’s running mate.

    To make matters worse for McCain, he denied this fact initially when asked by the NY Times only to completely blow up at a NYT reporter when confronted on his lie, finally admitting it, and claiming that it was common knowledge!

    The video of this is very embarrassing for McCain, and reenforces a lot of the negative perceptions people have about him.

  2. Admin said

    Hello Mark,

    Thanks for the information… I still have to say that I would rather vote for someone who would consider changing parties if they thought it was good for the country vs. voting for someone who is bad for the country just to be true to my party. I would think the Liberals would like that about McCain – it’s not like he runs lock-step with the GOP… In fact, many die-hard conservatives are not happy at all about McCain running, but much prefer him to a Communist – any day.

    McCain, even though I disagree with him on several important issues, is still head and shoulders above Obama even if just for the simple fact that he doesn’t have friendships and ties with radical Communists and variety of different groups of Terrorists, (William Ayers (Weather Underground), The New Black Panther Party, The Nation of Islam, Black Liberation Theology, Maoists, Guevara-ites, and others). This is especially important in light of the developments in the “Neo-Soviet Union”.

    You can keep the change, I’d rather have my freedom!

    – LR

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