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Amnesty to FELONS? and more…

Posted by Admin on June 6, 2007

Thanks are due to Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) for exposing yet another lie about the AMNESTY bill currently being debated in the Senate.

Today, the Senate voted against an amendment that would prevent the GRANTING OF LEGAL STATUS TO FELONS — including those who are subject to court orders calling for their deportation!

This is just the latest proof to come out that exposes the lies President Bush and backers of this Illegal Immigrant AMNESTY bill have told to the American people…

Not only does this bill indeed amount to amnesty for those who have committed the crimes of ID Theft and/or Fraud, but it also allows the granting of LEGAL STATUS TO NON-CITIZEN FELONS! This is in direct contradiction to the words of President Bush, Sen. Kennedy, Sen. McCain and others who have tried to convince the American citizens that this bill is not amnesty.

One of the other lies exposed in recent days;

“No one will be on a fast track to legalization”

As this article from the Boston Herald points out, some illegal immigrants WILL be on a fast track to legalization.

This current Amnesty Bill does indeed allow young adults who are here illegally to be on a fast track as long as they have graduated from our publicly-funded (citizen taxpayer funded) government high schools, and they agree to either go to college, or join the military. These people will also be allowed FEDERAL TUITION ASSISTANCE (again, citizen taxpayer funded), and will RECEIVE A GREEN CARD IN 3 YEARS. How many LEGAL immigrants have been waiting for a decade or more to receive a green card? How many current citizens do not qualify for assistance, but yet the money that could help them will be given to those here illegally? How is this NOT allowing ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to cut in line in front of those who have followed the law, in more ways than one?

These are just two of the lies that have been told to the American public by our President, our Senators, and other backers of this amnesty bill.


In case you haven’t heard; John McCain has come out ‘warning’ citizens that if we don’t support this amnesty bill there will be rioting in our streets.
Isn’t this what’s called a terrorist tactic? According to our government those who threaten violence to achieve a political goal are terrorists.

Now, I don’t like calling a Veteran a terrorist, but McCain by using a threat of violence to justify not enforcing the laws of our country is using a terrorist tactic. I think McCain, should immediately withdraw from the Presidential race and go visit his local psychologist, personally.

Or, maybe it’s not McCain that is a terrorist, but rather the illegal immigrants who will be upset if they don’t get amnesty for their crimes against our nation and its citizens? Either way, I thought our policy with terrorists was not to give in?

One more question for Sen. McCain; if the illegal immigrants are going to riot in the streets are these really the type of people we should be granting amnesty to? What happens when Al Qaeda, Hamas, or Hezbollah — or any number of terrorist organizations gets wind of this? Will we bow down to them as well and allow them to enforce their political will upon the United States and her citizens as well?


These are just a few of the lies that supporters of this amnesty bill have been trying to sell to their constituents. How many more of these “tiny print” lies are included in the 800+ pages of this bill? I honestly don’t even want to know — it is bad enough at this point that many previously staunch Bush supporters are ready to impeach him, and recall any so-called Representative that supports this travesty.

Enough is enough! Please continue to contact your Senators and your Representatives and let them know that American Citizens, and Legal Immigrants do NOT agree with granting preferential treatment to those persons who have chosen to break the law and are here illegally. We must not allow them to trample on the rights of citizens, while granting illegal immigrants (even FELONS!) amnesty, and creating a permanent class of underpaid ‘guest workers’ to boot.



The following article which is linked below is very interesting and points out what perhaps are the real reasons our elected officials want amnesty for illegal immigrants.  It is written by Fredo-Arias King.  Here is the biographical information about this author which is included at the end of the article:

Fredo Arias-King from March 1999 to July 2000 was an aide to presidential candidate Vicente Fox Quesada of Mexico, largely handling the foreign relations of the campaign along with Dr. Carlos Salazar, who handled the foreign relations of Fox’s party, the PAN. After the July 2000 victory, Arias-King declined government jobs but agreed to represent the PAN at both the Republican and the Democratic national conventions in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, respectively. In 14 trips to Washington and to both party conventions, he spoke extensively to U.S. public figures, including 80 members of Congress, about the bilateral relationship. His role in the Fox campaign has been recognized in several books published in Mexico. A Harvard-trained businessman and Sovietologist, his academic work focuses on the post-communist transitions, and he is the founding editor of Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization, published in Washington.


Immigration and Usurpation

Elites, Power, and the People’s Will

by Fredo Arias-King — July 2006
(A .pdf version is available for download at the above link)


Just FYI:
Some have already written me accusing me of being a “bigot” and a “racist”.  It’s a real shame I have to qualify myself like this, but I’ll say it anyway…  My sister is “Half-Mexican” (meaning her father’s ancestors came from Mexico).  We are both adopted, and I have seen the effects of racism first hand.  I also lived in west Denver (in a predominantly Latino/Hispanic/Mexican community) for 2 1/2 years.  While living in this neighborhood I worked with many LEGAL immigrants.

None of the people I knew who were in this country legally agreed with amnesty for illegal immigrants — on the contrary they understood that not only do the majority of them serve as a detriment to this community, but because of their actions only served to increase the likelihood of racist sentiment against them.  Indeed, as can be seen by some of the rhetoric some against amnesty are racists and bigots.  However, not everyone who is against amnesty is a racist or a bigot, and the insistence of many to label those in opposition of the amnesty provisions of this bill is a dishonest attempt at silencing critics and preventing those who are duped by this rhetoric from examining this bill, or being critical in any way.

I try to fight against racism and bigotry, and I agree with what Martin Luther King Jr. said in his famous speech about judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.  One cannot create equality with preferential treatment based on the color of one’s skin, or their ethnicity.  On the contrary, one can judge people based upon their actions, and in the case of illegal immigrants — FROM ANY COUNTRY — who commit the acts of ID Theft or Fraud among other crimes, cannot be, IMO supported based on the content of their character.

I would ask those of you who have accepted the rhetoric about racism and bigotry in relation to this bill to put aside those thoughts for a moment, and think critically about how best we can assure that our country remains a bastion of liberty for immigrants of all “races”, ethnicities and nationalities who come here legally.

I think perhaps Ayn Rand in her book Atlas Shrugged made an excellent point about those who believe rhetoric such as that put forward by supporters of this bill from both sides of the aisle;

  “So they’ll bless and follow anyone who gives them justification for not thinking. Anyone who makes a virtue — a highly intellectual virtue — out of what they know to be their sin, their weakness, and their guilt.” — Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Please think for yourselves…



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