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~ A Personal Note to My Readers and a Prayer Request

Posted by Admin on October 8, 2006

Dear Readers,

As some of you may know I have been suffering from some medical problems over the last year and a half. While not “serious” in the way that it’s not a terminal illness or something of that sort (at least that we know of at this point), these problems are still interferring with my daily life, and preventing me from doing some of the things that I love with my family, as well as interferring with my daily plans for writing in this blog…

Thankfully, it seems we have been able to get control of my migraines, so that is one good improvement I can report!

Most of my ongoing medical problems are centered on pain in my neck, and the right side of my head. After undergoing several procedures that seem to have helped in some ways for the pain in my neck, I am now experiencing some new symptoms that are concerning to both myself and my doctors. Fibromyalgia, and Rheumatoid(sp?) Arthritis are among the diseases mentioned in my last appointment, as well as several others I have never heard of, and can’t remember well enough to mention in this post…

This is all in addition to the pain in my lower left abdomen which we have not been able to figure out and which has been there since February of 2005. I am seeing a different doctor for this problem and have undergone many different tests and such, with no reason for the pain found — the next step for this problem would be a laparoscopy which I am not really wanting to endure at this point, but will if need be.

If any of you, my readers, are praying people, I would ask that you remember me at least in one prayer, and my doctors as well. I truly believe that God works in mysterious ways, and that prayer is an essential part of any healing process. Because of that I would ask you to please pray that we will be able to find out what is causing these new symptoms as well as the ones we can’t figure out, and that we will find a way to decrease the pain I am feeling without need for any new medication (because I’m frankly sick of taking so many pills – I am on 3 different medications now that I have to take daily, and 2 others on an as needed basis).

On a side note, prayers for relief of the financial burden this has brought on my family are also requested as we are experiencing some problems related to being able to pay for all my doctor’s visits, and medications (thankfully we do have good insurance so it is not as bad as it could be).

We do have a large family though, and with only my husband able to work right now, we are living on an extremely tight budget and with winter coming I’m worried. I do believe that God provides for us and with his help we will not go without our basic needs. We have had to make some adjustments, but we are doing alright (I don’t want to give anyone the impression that we are starving or something).

Thank you for your consideration of my requests, and in return I will happily remember all of you in my prayers as well — God knows who you are even if I don’t know all of your names.

Please feel free to add your prayer requests as comments to this thread, and I will pray for your specific needs as well.

May God bless each of you, and your families and friends…

With love,
Michelle K.

2 Responses to “~ A Personal Note to My Readers and a Prayer Request”

  1. Granny said

    Lady, you are having a time of it.

    Of course you have my prayers, lots of them.

    Get well and make it quick, as we need you to keep us up to date and there is no way
    to replace a Mother or Wife.

    Have faith, God can and does heal.

  2. Always remember that life is what you make of it, not what it makes of you.

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