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~ SPECIAL REPORT: Foley Scandal a Prank Gone Awry? – New World Exclusive at DrudgeReport!

Posted by Admin on October 5, 2006

According to a new report from Drudge the whole IM incident that has been the impetus for Foley’s resignation and the current attack on Hastert and the Republican party was a prank initiated by a group of pages intent on embarassing Foley.

According to the following Drudge Report the prank went awry when the messages got into the hands of a political operative.

And, we all know what happened after that — Foley has been, perhaps, unfairly branded as a homosexul pedophile by ABC’s Brian Ross who told the world about the sexually explicit IMs and also told us that they were between Foley and a child, when in reality the “child” was an adult over the age of 18.

Here is the latest from Drudge;


**World Exclusive**
**Must Credit the DRUDGE REPORT**
According to two people close to former congressional page Jordan Edmund, the now famous lurid AOL Instant Message exchanges that led to the resignation of Mark Foley were part of an online prank that by mistake got into the hands of enemy political operatives, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal.
According to one Oklahoma source who knows the former page very well, Edmund, a conservative Republican, goaded an unwitting Foley to type embarrassing comments that were then shared with a small group of young Hill politicos. The prank went awry when the saved IM sessions got into the hands of political operatives favorable to Democrats.
The primary source, an ally of Edmund, adamantly proclaims that the former page is not a homosexual. The prank scenario was confirmed by a second associate of Edmund. Both are fearful that their political careers will be affected if they are publicly brought into the investigation.
The prank scenario only applies to the Edmund IM sessions and does not necessarily apply to any other exchanges between the former congressman and others.
The news come on the heels that Edmund has hired former Timothy McVeigh attorney, Stephen Jones.

Now as concerned as I am about Foley’s conduct – for which he should be held accountable – I am perhaps even more concerned at this point by reporter Brian Ross’ apparent lack of integrity, as well as the MSM which is apparently using this as a way to vilify Hastert and the Republican Party.

Those of you who know me know that I don’t support any particular party in totality, but these actions on the part of our media should never be excused – even if you are happy about who they are currently skewering (ATTN: “Lefties” & “Dems”). To pursue this type of reporting so close to an election, particularly when the “facts” have now been proven to be false is nothing short of interferring with an election, and that can not be tolerated.

The only suggestion I have at this point is to contact all media outlets who are running with this story and not correcting themselves, particularly ABC News. This type of behavior should not be tolerated by any American no matter your political philosophy. Free and Fair Elections are important for our country and for the media to attempt to interfere is almost tantamount to treason in my mind.

Here is how to contact ABC News with your comments:

Mailing Address:
ABC News
7 West 66th Street
New York, NY, 10023
Or, you can email Brian Ross directly at:

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