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More OU Bombing Case Information Available (Re-Published Posts)

Posted by Admin on September 18, 2006

Dear Readers,

I have added several more pages of information that were formerly available at my old blog; “On Politics and Other Random Thoughts”. I have yet to discover a way to make my downloads (.pdf documents and .zip files) available. I will be researching this over the next few days. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Also please remember a large list of article links related to the OU Bombing Case can be found on the OU Bombing Focus Page.

Here are links to the re-published information currently available here at the Liberty Rocks Blog:

Cover-up? Missing Video Report @ KOCO-TV Ch. 5
This page concerns a video news report that originally aired at KOCO-TV Ch. 5. It “mysteriously” disappeared after a day or two being available on the KOCO website. This particular video report contained information regarding a “missing year” of time when backtracking on Joel Hinrichs III’s activities in the years before the OU Bombing. When this video report aired and the days before it KOCO-TV’s reporters were digging and reporting what they found much as the other local stations. When the report was pulled off their website they began to only report the “official” Lone Suicide story pushed by OU President David Boren…

Hinrichs’ Missing Ammo – Triangle Fraternity Meeting Notes
This post discusses a possibility that Hinrichs may have attracted the attention of authorities a full year before the OU Bombing. This is pure speculation, but given some of the circumstances it seems likely that at least the EBay seller was doing some type of background checking before completing the sale.

OU Suicide Note? STILL More Questions Than Answers
This post discusses the “magical” appearance of a suicide note from Hinrichs. The FBI had originally reported that no suicide note was found, but later reversed this saying a “suicide note” had been found on Hinrichs’ computer when they originally searched his apartment. Read more at the link above…

OU Magistrate Unseals Documents in the OU Bombing Case
This post regards the unsealing of the FBI documents in the OU Bombing Case. You can read about the Judge’s orders and other information regarding this development at the link above…

FBI Docs Available for Download
This post highlights Michelle Malkin’s work in making available for interested parties the FBI’s Official OU Bombing Report.

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