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Something to Ponder: Has Radical Feminism Paved the Way for Islam in America?

Posted by Admin on September 14, 2006

Updated: 9/17/06 1:00 a.m. – Added several links under Current Events

Most often we only see and speak of the danger of Islam in terms of the radical, violent elements that plague our world. However, there is something even more sinister afoot within the world of Islam – the ability to trick a woman into thinking she is safer following the teachings of Mohammed, but instead leading her into a world of true slavery and abuse.

I have often pondered myself why the left and feminists in particular would insist on defending a society where the subjugation of women is astounding. It is far worse than anything the feminists in the 70s were fighting against while I was growing up. Islam itself is a culture in which for example, rape is prosecuted as adultery with the punishment against the woman being death by stoning. That is, unless a woman has four male witnesses that actually observed the act in question — including the act of penetration itself. (If the woman is Muslim, the witnesses must be Muslim men as well.)

Still, Islam finds among its “devout” some women in America as well as other “westernized” cultures. What is the attraction? Could it be that western men have become too feminized by their attempts to appease the “modern woman”? Could it be that some women yearn for the protection and classical family structure of the past?

I have a hunch that women are drawn to Islam because it appears to the outsider that these are more classical men. That Islamic males revere their women and believe in “protecting” them from harm – even that of a roving salacious eye. However, when one looks deeper it becomes frighteningly obvious that most of these men consider women as their possessions, indeed that is what they are taught by some of their clerical leaders – that women truly belong to their husbands in every sense of the word, and their very life is in his hands.

Islam is a not a culture that contains freedom of choice for either sex. A woman cannot decide to leave her husband, or Islam at all. Those who leave Islam become apostates, a crime which itself is punishable by death. It is the ultimate example of spousal and societal abuse more akin to evil than the wish of a loving, righteous God.

One of the goals of Islam is world domination — to bring Islam to all cultures and to establish sharia law as the governing rule of society. The threat of infiltrating a society and destroying all even moderate feminists have struggled for is perhaps greater than the threat of the outright death and destruction that is often associated with Radical Islam. There are far more Muslims – even so-called “moderates” – who believe in instituting this religious form of tyranny than believe in the killing of innocents in Jihad.

Some Muslim scholars and western converts to Islam claim that the subjugation of women is not Islam, and it is not the will of Mohammed. However, in every society where Sharia law exists the rights of women are far less, and consequences unbelievably more harsh, than in other parts of the world that exist with even a moderate amount of democratic rights. It is not words one must look at in studying these things, but actions which point to the truth. Even in America there are examples of “honor killings” and spousal abuse. This is not to say that this never happens among Christians, or Jews, or even atheists. However, it is only within some of the teachings of Islam that this is accepted, and yes, even praised as righteous.

A very detailed examination of this phenomena among westernized cultures has been examined and explained in detail by a writer at the Brussels Journal. This writer does a far better job than I at explaining the apparent attraction to western women, with a lot of evidence to back up his theories. Some of the comments already left in response to his writing seem to support some of his hypothesis at least as it applies to the European world. I think some of what he has written could also be applied to life in America as well.

I would like to urge all of my readers who are truly worried about protection of women and their rights to read what “Fjordman” has written. You can access his article at the link I have provided below. I may not agree with everything he has written but it is definitely something to ponder…


by Fjordman – The Brussels Journal – 4 September 2006

These resources will be added to as I study more on this subject.
I also plan on creating a focus page for this specific topic which will cover many different topics relating to Islamic Law, Human Rights, Women’s, & Religious Freedom.

I have included in these links information from Muslim authors as well as non-Muslim authors. I willingly admit that I do not agree with the explanations some have given regarding the standing of women in Islamic society, however you are free to read and form your own conclusions. I will be the first to admit that I need to educate myself further on this topic as most of my understanding of Islamic culture has been gained by what some may call biased sources (such as the Mainstream Media).

The first article – “The Place of Women in Pure Islam” is particularly enlightening, including the answer page to those who have commented to the authors. I highly suggest reading it. Many of the article links that follow were found using the bibliography from the first article. I must also advise that I have not read all of the information I am linking to. Therefore, please use your own judgement when reading these selections. I too will be reviewing these links and no doubt will have more to say on this subject as I become better educated on this topic.




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If you are suffering from abuse of any kind please know you are not alone – although it truly may seem that way. There are many people who are willing to help you, all you need to do is take the first step and ask. I do understand how incredibly frightening the world can be to someone who is being abused, especially if you are dependent upon that person for financial well-being at this time – however, you don’t have to wait… Others are more than willing to help you, many have been in your position before and truly understand even the most secret of your feelings for they have had them as well.

There are many resources available to you even in the smallest of communities. Many resources you can contact in private by phone, or mail, or on the internet. There are also many programs now available to abusers in which they can get the help they need to stop what they are doing, but first you must think of your safety, and that of your children if you have them. You are not abandoning anyone by seeking help, and it does not mean you don’t still love that person (if the abuser is a parent or spouse). Getting help is in fact, the most loving thing you can do for yourself, your family, and the abuser. Get help before it reaches the point of no return – in many cases the abuse will not stop until a victim is gravely injured or even dead… Most importantly please know I am telling you the truth when I say…


If you know of anyone who is suffering from physical, emotional, or economic abuse it is important that you give her (or him) your support. In most cases abuse cannot be stopped without outside intervention. Following are resources that you can utilize in your efforts to assure that abuse is prevented, and stopped when it is already occurring. I understand how difficult it can be for someone who has not experienced abuse themselves to understand why people “put up” with it all. As someone who survived the horrors of childhood abuse I can say that some of us are more fortunate than others in regards to our ability to see past the lies and twisted thinking abuse causes. Those that are unable to see through the abnormal thought processes and such need our protection and help, they truly can’t do it alone…

United States Department of Justice: Office on Violence Against Women –
(This website offers a wide variety of information dealing with violence against women)




4 Responses to “Something to Ponder: Has Radical Feminism Paved the Way for Islam in America?”

  1. eddyb said

    I haven’t read Fjordman’s piece, but I am very impressed with your commentary. You should comment more often. I think you hit the nail on the head. I’m also a daily reader of your blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. […] Click here to read the rest. […]

  3. Thank you eddyb. I very much appreciate the compliments and encouragement. I also appreciate greatly your link to my entry from your blog. Take care, & stay safe! (o:

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