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Something to Ponder: Has Radical Feminism Paved the Way for Islam in America?

Posted by Admin on September 14, 2006

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Most often we only see and speak of the danger of Islam in terms of the radical, violent elements that plague our world. However, there is something even more sinister afoot within the world of Islam – the ability to trick a woman into thinking she is safer following the teachings of Mohammed, but instead leading her into a world of true slavery and abuse.

I have often pondered myself why the left and feminists in particular would insist on defending a society where the subjugation of women is astounding. It is far worse than anything the feminists in the 70s were fighting against while I was growing up. Islam itself is a culture in which for example, rape is prosecuted as adultery with the punishment against the woman being death by stoning. That is, unless a woman has four male witnesses that actually observed the act in question — including the act of penetration itself. (If the woman is Muslim, the witnesses must be Muslim men as well.)

Still, Islam finds among its “devout” some women in America as well as other “westernized” cultures. What is the attraction? Could it be that western men have become too feminized by their attempts to appease the “modern woman”? Could it be that some women yearn for the protection and classical family structure of the past?

I have a hunch that women are drawn to Islam because it appears to the outsider that these are more classical men. That Islamic males revere their women and believe in “protecting” them from harm – even that of a roving salacious eye. However, when one looks deeper it becomes frighteningly obvious that most of these men consider women as their possessions, indeed that is what they are taught by some of their clerical leaders – that women truly belong to their husbands in every sense of the word, and their very life is in his hands.

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