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World and US News Links – August 19 and 20, 2006

Posted by Admin on August 21, 2006

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August 19 & 20, 2006
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August 20, 2006

August 19, 2006


The father of an al-Qaida-linked Pakistani militant sought in connection with the alleged London terror plot has accused radical Muslim clerics of misguiding his son.

[. . .]

He blamed a now-slain leader of banned Sunni militant group Sipah-e-Sahaba for “misguiding” youths, including his son, to take up militancy.

He said [his son, Matiur] Rehman went to Afghanistan for jihadist training after hearing an “emotional speech” by Sipah-e-Sahaba chief, Haq Nawaz Jhangvi, in 1995 while he studied at a madrassa in the Punjab town of Bhawalpur.

– “Muslim Clerics Blamed for Misguiding Youth” –



  • BAGGAGE HANDLERS RAISE BOMB FEARS” – Australian Associated Press (AAP) via The Age – Fairfax Digital – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – 19 August 2006
    The Transport Workers Union (TWU) and delegates from Pacific Blue will meet next Wednesday to dicuss the unions request that trained bomb experts remove baggage from threatened aircraft. This following union members being used to remove baggage from the Pacific Blue 737 flight from Fiji on Thursday night that had been subject to an anonymous call regarding a suspicious package on board. The threat made to the flight was a false alarm. The paper states that while baggage handlers were removing the baggage for dogs to be able to sniff, that the passengers were evacuated and that bomb expert teams had moved out of the blast zone. The union feels that the baggage handlers carried out the potentially “fatal task” on fear of losing their jobs if they refused. Pacific Blue denies that the union has a legitimate complaint.
  • BAGGAGE HANDLERS ‘FEARED FOR JOBS’ DURING BOMB THREAT” – ABC News Online – Australian Broadcasting Corporation – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia – 19 August 2006


  • CLASH LEAVES 71 TALIBAN DEAD” – Associated Press (AP) via – New Delhi Television Limited – New Delhi, India – 20 August 2006


  • TWO MEN FORCED OFF MANCHESTER FLIGHT” – Monsters & Critics – Glasgow, Scotland – 20 August 2006
  • TERROR SUSPECTS HELD AFTER ARRESTS AT PORT” – by Darren Devine, Western Mail via icWales – Trinity Mirror Plc – London, England, UK
  • ACTIVIST ADMITS ARSON” – Associated Press (AP) via The Calgary Sun – Sun Media Corp. – Calgary, Alberta, Canada – 18 August 2006
    Donald Currie, 39 has pleaded guilty to arson and possession of an explosive substance at Reading Crown Court in West London. Currie admitted to carrying out a bombing and arson campaign targetting people who were connected to Huntingdon Life Sciences, a medical research firm that tests on animals.



  • B.C. MAN CHARGED WITH HOAX IN ALLEGED BOMB THREAT TO BRITISH CONSULATE” – The Canadian Press via – CanWest MediaWorks Publications Inc. – Don Mills, Ontario, Canada – 19 August 2006
    Vancouver Police have charged 40-year-old Shirwa Osman Malcolm Shirwa with making a hoax regarding terrorist activity. The article identifies him as a “British Colombia man” but also states he has no fixed address. Police said they received a 911 call on August 15 regarding a plan to attack the consulate by means of a car carrying explosives. Both the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and Vancouver police dedicated 40 police officers in a combined effort to investigate the 911 call and identified suspects using “all the resources required to bring this investigation to a successful conclusion[ . . .],” according to Inspector Lloyde Plante. Shirwa is expected to appear in court next on August 28th.




Czech and American experts believe that a missile defence base, the construction of which on Czech Territory is being considered, would obey Czech laws, the Foreign Ministry said.

Missile Base to Obey Czech Laws – Foreign Ministry” – Czech Happenings (





  • GERMANY ARRESTS LEBANESE MAN IN BOMB PLOT – SUITCASE EXPLOSIVES LEFT ON TRAINS FAILED TO DETONATE” – Associated Press (AP) via – MSNBC on the Internet – Redmond, Washington, US – 19 August 2006
  • GERMAN POLICE DETAIN SUSPECT IN JULY BOMB PLOT” – Reuters UK – The Reuters Foundation – London, England, UK – 19 August 2006
  • HAMBURG TRAIN STATION SHUT AFTER BOMB THREAT” – Reuters UK – The Reuters Foundation – London, England, UK – 19 August 2006
    Authorities closed a train station in Hamburg due to a bomb threat received via telephone to city authorities. There is no indication in the report as to how long the station remained closed, or if anything was found at the station. It is probably a safe assumption that authorities are still investigating the threat. The article also mentions that a train station in Kiel was shut down for five hours on Saturday as authorities detained a suspect in the failed July bombing plot.



The Palestinian government led by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) condemned on Saturday the Israeli arrest of Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister Nasser al-Shaer.

Government spokesman Ghazi Hamad slammed the Israeli detention of al-Shaer as part of “an Israeli attempt to undermine the Palestinian political regime and overthrow the elected government.”

– “Hamas Gov’t Condemns Israel’s Arrest of Deputy Premier” – People’s Daily Online



  • CRUDE BOMB EXPLODES ON RAILWAY TRACK IN PATNA” – Press Trust of India (PTI) via The Hindustan Times – HT Media Ltd. – New Delhi, India – 19 August 2006
    Chief Public Relations Officer of East-Central Railway (ECR), A K Chandra, has stated that an explosion occurred near the Rajendra Nagar terminus around 10 am on Saturday and was heard by a railway workman. Superintendant of Police (City) Vikas Vaibhav stated that they also found four more “low-power” bombs in a bag on the tracks, and that they were being defused. The explosion happened just one hour before the Railway Minister Lalu Prasad was to travel on the line to Banka to “flag-off” the Banka-Rajendra Nagar terminus express, and lay a foundation stone for a new station, Cheet-Makandpur Station, which will be located between Akbarnagar and Nathnagar in the Bhagalpur District. Officials are combing the tracks for more explosives, and police are investigating whether the bomb was placed on the tracks by saboteurs.
  • JAMA MASJID BOMB HOAX: SI TRANSFERRED TO DARYAGANJ” – by Abhay Mishra – Delhi Newsline – Indian Express Newspapers (Mumbai) Ltd. – Mumbai, India – 19 August 2006
    On Friday someone called police and said a bomb had been placed in the Jama Masjid mosque. Three police armed officers then entered the Mosque without informing the staff at the shrine. Devotees at the mosque were infuriated until calmed by senior police officials who assured an investigation into the matter. The threat turned out to be a hoax. Police officials say that the transfer of Sub-Inspector Abdul Karim, one of the officers who entered the mosque, was not associated with the incident.
  • BREAKTHROUGH IN BOMBAY BOMBING PROBE” – United Press International (UPI) – Washington D.C., US – 18 August 2006
    Indian officials said they have had a breakthrough in the investigation into the July 11 serial bombings of commuter trains in Bombay. The Press Trust of India reports that authorities have come to understand the conspiracy of the bombings, but have yet to arrest the accused. The UPI reports that more than 200 people were killed, and more than 700 injured in the July 11 bombings.


  • INDONESIA REFUSES TO HELP DISARM HEZBOLLAH IN LEBANON” – Xinhua News Agency via People’s Daily Online – People’s Daily – Beijing, China – 19 August 2006
  • BOMB EXPLOSION AT INDONESIAN CAFE” – The Associated Press (AP) via – New Delhi Television Limited – New Delhi, India – 18 August 2006
    No one was injured in a small bomb blast at a Christian owned Cafe on an Indonesian Island on Saturday. The Cafe, owned by Josef Torabu, stated that the same cafe was the subject of a more powerful bomb three years ago, which wounded four people including the owner’s wife and 11-year-old daughter. The owner speculated about the first incident, and this one being quoted in the article that, “I thought at the time they were Muslims who were angry because I was selling alcohol. But now we only sell food, tea, coffee, and soft drinks. Why are they still attacking my business?” It is stated in the article that Indonesia is the most populous Muslim nation, but has a significant number of Christian minorities. Poso and the surrounding districts in Indonesia have seen religious related violence between Muslims and Christians for the last several years, with approximately 1,000 people being killed in 2001 and 2002. Police say they have identified several suspects in the attack.



Iran has formally complained about a UN atomic inspector, after refusing to admit two other inspectors, with tension high over Tehran’s nuclear program, diplomats said. [This is apparently in connection with comments made by the inspector, and alleged spying, but Iranian officials could not be reached for comment by press time according to the article.]

Iran Complains About Nuke Inspector” –


In an interview with Britain’s Guardian newspaper, he said a United Nations resolution insisting on the suspension of its nuclear activities was U.S-inspired and would fail.

“They are trying to deny our right to develop nuclear power. But no one can impose anything on the Iranian people. They will not succeed,” he said while on a campaign tour of the north of his country.

“Our main task is to develop and build the Iranian nation. No one will stop us.”

President says nuclear power is Iran’s right” – Reuters Today

  • IRAN LAUNCHES MILITARY EXERCISES” – The Associated Press (AP) via The San Jose Mercury News – Knight Ridder (The McClatchy Company) – San Jose, California, US – 19 August 2006
    Iranian state-run television has reported that Iran’s military has launched a massive exercise involving at least 12 infantry regiments, which will take place in 14 of the country’s 30 provinces, and could last up to 5 weeks. According to the report from Iran, the exercise – called “The Blow of Zolgaghar” – began with air strike maneuvers over the southeastern province of Sistan va Baluchistan.
  • ZOLFAQAR WAR GAMES UNDERWAY IN SOUTHEASTERN IRAN” – – Mehr News Agency (MNA) – Tehran, Iran – 19 August 2006
  • IRAN READY FOR ISRAEL ACTION AFTER LEBANON WAR – ARMY” – Reuters India – The Reuters Foundation – London, England, UK – 19 August 2006


“The enemy has gone mad facing Hizbollah’s strength and we should keep ourselves prepared given the history we have from our mad enemy,” [Ataollah] Salehi [Commander-in-Chief of Iran’s Army] was quoted as saying by Iran’s official IRNA news agency.

– “Iran Ready for Israel Action After Lebanon War” – Reuters India



  • FOUR ESCAPE INJURY IN BOMB ATTACK” – BBC News – British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – London, England, UK – 19 August 2006
    Police at Downpatrick are investigating two petrol bomb attacks in County Down on Thursday night [August 17]. One petrol bomb exploded at a home in Killyleagh with four people escaping injury. The second Petrol Bomb incident happened in Shrigley at midnight. Detectives are wondering whether both incidents are related. No one was injured in either attack, and people with information are asked to contact police in Downpatrick.



The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) denied reports that Israeli drones and warplanes were flying over Lebanon‘s eastern Bekaa Valley Friday night, near the Hezbollah stronghold of Baalbek, local newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

Media reports said earlier that Israeli drone and warplanes launched air strikes late Friday on eastern Lebanon areas near Hezbollah stronghold of Baalbek, the major city in the Bekaa Valley.

– “Israel denies air strikes on Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley” – People’s Daily Online


Israel’s UN Ambassador says he doubts that a new Arab League initiative to end decades of Arab-Israeli conflict would fairly consider Israel’s security needs; ‘We do believe road map only viable option and only game in town,’ he says

– “Gillerman Skeptical Arab Peace Plan Fair to Israel” – YNet News


  • EXPERTS PROBE HUGE EXPLOSION NEAR KENYA AIRPORT” – The Angola Press – Angop – Luanda, Angola – 18 August 2006
    Security forces in Kenya started an investigation Thursday into a large explosion near the country’s second-largest international airport, the Moi International Airport, on Wednesday evening. The article states that scrap-metal workers were pummeling and sorting when live military ordinance exploded killing one worker and injuring another. The explosion was said to be quite powerful causing panic in Changamwe. Officials are investigating the source of the live military ordinance, which is not supposed to be sold to scrap metal dealers. No arrests have been made in the incident, and Kenyan ballistics expert, Charles Juma is said to be examining leftover pieces of the ordinance, but is not expected to give preliminary results of his study immediately.



Hezbollah guerrillas clashed today with Israeli special forces operating deep in Lebanon, killing one military officer and wounding two soldiers, Israel’s first casualties since a UN-brokered cease-fire took effect five days ago.

The army said its commandos entered Lebanon “to prevent and interfere with terror activity against Israel, especially the smuggling of arms from Iran and Syria to Hezbollah.”

– “Israeli Soldier Killed in Lebanon” – The Independent




“Mexican and U.S. law-enforcement authorities are looking for more suspects in the murders of women in the border city of Ciudad Juarez.”

Suspect in Custody, Big Search on for Two Others in Mexico Border Killings” – The Miami Herald




  • PHILIPPINES ARRESTS MAN WITH EXPLOSIVES” – Agence France-Presse (AFP) via The Gulf Times – Gulf Publishing & Printing Co. – Doha, Qatar – 19 August 2006
    Major Harnani Sanggano of the Philippine Marines told the AFP that a total of 6,000 blasting caps were recovered in the backpack of a ferry passenger in Jolo. Officials were alerted to the backpack by bomb-sniffing dogs. Authorities have identified the man arrested as Roy Abdul, and stated that he had refused a search of the backpack. A subsequent search of his clothing revealed what authorities believe could have been a detonation cord. The article adds that Jolo is said to be a stronghold of the militant Islamic group Abu Sayyaf, who authorities blame for the February 2004 ferry bombing in Manila Bay in which more than 100 people were killed. Authorities did not mention Abu Sayyaf, or any known connection to this arrest in the article, and it is not clear why that information was included.
  • PHILIPPINES RECRUITS THOUSANDS OF MORE POLICEMEN TO FIGHT NPA INSURGENCY” – Xinhua News Agency via People’s Daily Online – People’s Daily – Beijing, China – 18 August 2006
    The Philippine National Police force has started the screening process for 4,500 new recruits to join the fight against the New People’s Army (NPA). Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed an executive order earlier in the year which demanded the PNP take an active role alongside the Philippine military in combatting the NPA which is estimated to be about 8,000 members strong. The PNP stated that there are over 10,000 applicants being considered for the 4,500 positions of which 675 are reserved for females.


  • POLAND HONOURS GULAG SURVIVOR” – by Jonathan Reeve – The Salisbury Journal – Newsquest Media Group (Gannett Co.) – Salisbury, England, UK – 18 August 2006
    Stasia Stockley of Salisbury, England was honoured recently by Polish President, Lech Kaczynski, for surviving being sent to one of Stalin’s Labor camps along with her mother, Franciszka Oskroba, eight siblings, and her elderly grandparents in February of 1940. The family was taken from their farm in Eastern Poland and shipped to Northern Russia when Stasia was just eight months old. The article goes on to detail their time at the camp, and Mrs. Oskroba’s harrowing escape with her children from the Gulag using a hand drawn sleigh, traveling through several Russian republics, Persia, and India. Mrs. Stockley and her husband, David have researched the deportations, and he wrote a novel, “The Marzipan Kingdom” based on the family’s experiences. Very little is known to most people, and very little has been written about the mass deportation of around a million and a half Poles to Siberia by Stalin during WWII. Mr. Stockley is currently looking for a publisher for his book.



  • ARMED MOB KILLS TWO RUSSIAN POLICE IN THEIR HOMES” – Reuters AlertNet – The Reuters Foundation – London, England, UK – 20 August 2006
  • RUSSIA DENIES AIRCRAFT FLIGHT OVER GEORGIAN TERRITORY” – RIA Novosti – Russian News & Information Agency – Moscow, Russia – 20 August 2006
  • PUTIN SATISFIED WITH CEASEFIRE IMPLEMENTATION IN LEBANON” – RIA Novosti – Russian News & Information Agency – Moscow, Russia – 19 August 2006
  • 21 KILLED IN ETHNIC HATE ATTACKS IN RUSSIA IN 2006 – HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST” – Interfax Press Agency – The Interfax Group – Moscow, Russia – 19 August 2006
    Deputy Director of the Sova Information Center, Galina Kozhevnikova, told the Interfax Press Agency on Saturday that, “A total of 21 people have died and 208 have been injured in ethnic hate attacks since the beginning of the year in Russia.” She stated that most incidents were registered in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but incidents had been reported in 30 Russian regions. Kozhenvnikova said that these hate crimes were increasing. Kozhevnikova also stated that, “Skinheads, who number some 50,000 in Russia, mostly attack citizens from the North Caucasus and Central Asia, and also representatives of youth sub-cultures and sexual minorities.” According to the Sova Information Center 393 people were injured, and 35 were killed in racial attacks occurring in 2005.



“The Turkish Foreign Ministry said Friday that it had forced two Syria-bound Iranian planes to land and be searched for rockets and other military equipment during the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.”

Turkey says it forced Iran planes down” – The Seattle Post-Intelligencer





  • COMMUTER TRAIN BLOODY BATTLE” – – Trinity Mirror Plc – London, England, UK – 19 August 2006
    There was a bloody battle between “rival knife mobs” on a commuter train after they boarded the train at Clapham Junction station. Passengers said that up to 35 “thugs” fought with knives and fire extinguishers as the train headed towards London. Four people were arrested after rail staff and police were alerted at the next train stop in Richmond. A 15-year-old boy was stabbed in the chest several times, and a second man was being treated for a knife wound in the back. British Transport Police (BTP) are asking for witnesses to the melee on the Waterloo to Reading service to come forward with information. Those with information are asked to call the BTP at 020 7904 3501.



The United States Friday called on Chinese authorities to drop criminal charges against a jailed Chinese activist who has exposed abuses of the country’s population-control programs. The State Department also voiced concern about the detention of attorneys defending the blind human rights campaigner, Chen Guangcheng.

– “US Urges China to Drop Charges Against Jailed Rights Activist” – VOA News

  • TYPHOON SAOMAI DEATH TOLL RISES IN CHINA” – The Associated Press (AP) via The Houston Chronicle – The Hearst Corporation – Houston, Texas, US – 18 August 2006
    According to the official Chinese new agency, Xinhua (via The Associated Press), the death toll from Typhoon Saomai has risen yet again to 436. Relatives have been warned that the death toll could rise yet again, due to recovery efforts, and the numbers of those still missing. According to the Chinese Government Typhoon Saomai is the strongest storm to hit since record-keeping began in 1949. The AP reports the government as saying that this storm sank more than 1,000 ships, and destroyed tens of thousands of homes in the storm’s path.
  • CHINA DENIES COVER-UP OF DEATH TOLL FROM NATURAL DISASTERS” – Xinhua News Agency via People’s Daily Online – People’s Daily – Beijing, China – 19 August 2006
  • CHINA TO INVEST BILLIONS OF YUAN IN GIANT WATER POLLUTION CONTROL PROJECT” – Xinhua News Agency via People’s Daily Online – People’s Daily – Beijing, China – 19 August 2006
    At a national conference on Friday, Zhou Shengxian, head of the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) announced plans to launch the country’s largest, in terms of investment, environment-related scientific research project. The project, along with studying the impact of water pollution on social and economic development, also aims to develop new technologies to control water pollution in cities, limit the deterioration of China’s river valleys, as well as ensure the safety of the nation’s drinking water. Experts predict that the rapid economic and social changes occurring in China will only worsen the problem, expecting it to reach critical levels in approximately 5 years. It is reported in the article that roughly 90 percent of China’s urban waterways are polluted, as well as 75 percent of the country’s lakes. The article also states that approximately 300 million of China’s rurally-living citizens do not have access to clean, potable water.









  • RUSSIA RETURNS BODY OF JAPAN FISHERMAN, CREW STILL CAPTIVES” – Associated Press (AP) via The Taipei Times – Liberty Times Group – Taipei City, Taiwan – 20 August 2006
  • RUSSIA IDs MORE VILLANS IN YUKOS CASE” – United Press International (UPI) via Monsters & Critics – Glasgow, Scotland, UK – 19 August 2006
    Prosecutors in Moscow are looking out of the country for executives they say broke various Russian laws in connection with the Yukos bankruptcy case. Russian authorities are particularly interested in Steven M. Theede, the U.S. former chief of OAO Yukos, according to a Washington Post article published Friday. Theede and three other expatriate executives wanted by prosecutors are in Britain at the moment, and there is some speculation that Russian prosecutors may be disappointed as the UK has not been keen on extraditing anyone in association with the Yukos case.



  • GUN DEALERS ‘DRIVEN OUT OF BUSINESS’” – by Wyndham Hartley, Parliamentary Editor – Business Day – BDFM Publishers (Pty) Limited – Rosebank, South Africa – 17 August 2006
    The Parliament’s Safety and Security Committee on Wednesday heard from parties interested in amending the Firearms Control Act. The representatives of South Africa’s gun dealers say the Ninety percent of the nations dealers have been driven out of business and lost their livelihoods since the act was implemented. The firearms industry was said to be worth over R2bn and employed thousands before the act came into effect.







Sen. Orrin Hatch, who continuously decries the bitter partisanship in Washington, implied this week that Democratic success in November’s election could result in terrorist attacks on America.

Hatch was quoted in Tuesday’s Tooele Transcript Bulletin as saying Middle East terrorists are “waiting for the Democrats here to take control, let things cool off and then strike again.”

– “Hatch says Demo win could help terrorists” – The Salt Lake Tribune

  • “HERO” TURNS FOCUS TO GUN CONTROL” – by Jennifer Sullivan, staff reporter – The Seattle Times – The Seattle Times Company – Seattle, Washington, US – 18 August 2006
    One of the survivors of the Jewish Federation shooting in Seattle, Dayna Klein, has decided to dedicate herself to fighting for tighter gun-control laws. The article states that Klein says she does not think of Naveed Haq, the perpetrator of the shootings, nor does she have an opinion on prosecutors seeking the death penalty. Klein is quoted in the article as saying, “Naveed Haq has wasted enough of my time.” Klein met with former President Bill Clinton last week and expressed her anti-gun views to him and the media at that time.



On Saturday, 35 Navy Seabees and security troops were on their way from Camp Lemonier, Djibouti, to Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, where hundreds are dead and thousands missing and homeless after massive flooding.

“The priorities for relief assistance at this time are shelter and sanitation,” according to a news release issued by the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa command.

– “Seabees Dispatched to Ethiopia to Aid Flood Victims” – Stars & Stripes



US-Russian trade relations showed new strains after Moscow threatened to scrap preferences for US poultry and red meat shipments if Washington failed to endorse Moscow’s accession bid for the World Trade Organisation within three months.

“If talks (on Russia’s WTO entry)… set for the end of October in Geneva fail, Russia will have to return to its original stance prior to agreements on (bilateral) meat trade that had been reached,” Economy Minister German Gref said in a letter to US Trade Representative Susan Schwab.

– “Russia to Hit Imports of US Meat if No WTO Deal” – The Times of Malta

  • US HOPES TO AVOID WTO FIGHTS WITH CHINA: SCHWAB” – Reuters Today – The Reuters Foundation – London, England, UK – 19 August 2006
    U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab is quoted as saying, “Quite frankly, I’d rather not litigate in the World Trade Organizaton. I would rather have China fix the problem whether it’s a market access problem or a problem related to intellectual property or so on,” in an interview taped for CNN’s program “The Newsmakers” which will air Sunday, August 20, 2006. The rest of the article discusses the ongoing problems in the WTO in regards to China, and one step already taken for a case against China by the WTO in which the EU, Canada, and the US regarding China’s tariffs. The claim is that China’s policies unfairly discriminate against foreign auto parts. Also included in the article is information on the US’s views towards China, and how it suggests China may improve relations within the WTO.




  • MYSTERY POWDER AFFECTS SEVERAL IN CLINTON” – by Annie Rourke, News Channel 8 via The Hartford Courant – Hartford, Connecticut, US – 19 August 2006
    More than three dozen workers were possibly contaminated by a powdered chemical at the Goodwill Store in Clinton on Friday afternoon. Three workers came in direct contact with the substance, which spilled out of a box they were unloading from the Branford distribution center. All three directly exposed reacted to the chemical, necessitating one to be taken to the hospital. Local Officials, State Police, the EPA and the FBI were all at the scene on Friday, and quarantined the area. The powder was said to resemble garlic powder, having an off-white color. Officials do not believe that substance is anthrax, but the initial analysis proved inconclusive. Chief John Faughnan of the Clinton Police department is quoted in the article as saying that, “It’s not believed to be a terrorist issue [ . . . ].”




  • BOMB THREAT SHUTS DOWN N.Y. HOSPITAL” – The Associated Press (AP) via The Washington Post – The Washington Post Company – 19 August 2006
    An envelope containing white powder, and a bomb threat closed Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie, NY for about 4 hours on Friday. Four hospital employees were taken for decontamination, and the office where the envelope was found was decontaminated as well. The powder has been taken for testing and officals state that no-one has come forward to take responsibility. Police are investigating a possible link between this incident and one at the Times Herald-Reporter in Middletown on Friday. In that case the white powder was found to be bleach, no note was with it.


  • PASSENGER DETAINED; BOMB SQUAD SWEEPS PLANE AT TEXAS” – Associated Press (AP) via The Hindu News Update Service – The Hindu Group – Chennai (Madras), India – 20 August 2006
    Delta Airlines Flight 6492 from Atlanta to the San Antonio National Airport, was swept by authorities and bomb-sniffing dogs after it was discovered a passenger had tampered with a smoke detector and moved several ceiling panels in the plane’s lavatory on Saturday. FBI Spokeperson Erik Vasys said the passenger, a San Antonion man was being questioned, and Vasys was quoted in the article stating, “We’re just trying to determine what his intentions were. It may be a simple issue which does not result in arrest.” Delta airlines did not return the AP’s call requesting comment. There were 36 passengers aboard the flight.


  • W. VIRGINIA AIRPORT EVACUATED IN EXPLOSIVE ALERT” – Reuters Today – The Reuters Foundation – London, England, UK – 19 August 2006
    A terminal in the Tri-State Airport in Huntington, West Virginia was evacuated on Thursday when security scanners detected a substance that could be explosive in plastic containers carried by a female passenger. The passenger was detained, and apparently still being questioned when this article was written.
  • WEST VIRGINIA AIRPORT EVACUATED IN EXPLOSIVE ALERT” – Reuters Today – The Reuters Foundation – London, England, UK – 19 August 2006
    According to this article, both the TSA and the FBI were currently on site conducting interviews and gathering information. The female passenger in question has not been identified, although Airport director Larry Salyers did say she was originally from Jackson, Michigan, and ID papers state her year of birth as 1978. Salyers also stated that testing by TSA equipment and dogs indicated that the liquid in the plastic containers was ‘not permissible and very suspect’, and that the containers had been taken to a remote area for further analysis. Normal operations resumed after the incident which occurred late Friday morning.



“At home and abroad, leftists have done a thorough and commendable job documenting and condemning the horrors and crimes of Hitler and his fascist Nazi regime, but when have you heard them direct similar condemnation of Joseph Stalin, his successors and Mao Zedong? By and large, they’ve chosen to overlook the horrors of communism.”

– Walter E. Williams, “Are Academic Elites Communists?” – The Laurel Leader-Call




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