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What life is really like in China…

Posted by Admin on June 20, 2006

Here is a short documentary that can't be missed:

The Secret Behind China's Economy @ SkyNews

"Sky News has made an exclusive investigation into the sinister secrets behind China’s booming economy. The Chinese government is accused of using police brutality to remove people from their homes and into lives of squalor and poverty."
– Sky News – 6.19.06

It's the nasty secret the Communist Chinese government doesn't want to be known — that they are forcibly removing people from their homes, not reimbursing them, and these former home owners are living now in tents set up where their old houses once stood, or in slums.

There are a few who have protested, some have petitioned the government; but they never win, and some have been physically scarred in the process such as one man featured on the tape who is covered in burn scars. The man held a sign that said Human Rights were more important than life.

When the government has been given the power to own and control everything — as it does in Communist China (or any other socialistic country eventually) — it always comes down to the almighty dollar and what the government can do to increase it's size and wealth in order to give the illusion of power, and authority. It is always done at the expense of the people – by way of their money, their rights, and their freedom…

Special Thanks to Freeper Restornu for posting about this report at


2 Responses to “What life is really like in China…”

  1. davney said

    this information was very helpful to me with a school research project on the government of china.

  2. Hi Davney,
    Thank you so much for letting me know this was of help to you. I appreciate it, and am I glad you found it useful. Good luck on all of your future projects & papers! (o:
    – Michelle K.

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