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North Korea Prepares To Launch Long-Range Missile

Posted by Admin on June 17, 2006

alertwhite.gifNorth Korea Prepares to Launch Missile
UPDATED: 10:30 AM – Sunday, June 18, 2006

UPDATE – 10:15am: It seems there will be no missile launch today in North Korea — reports from the AP mention weather having a lot to do with the ability to perform the tests. Satellite reportedly shows clouds over that part of the world right now indicating a possibility of unfavorable weather conditions.

Statements from North Korea
North Korea To Boost Its 'MIlitary Deterrent' – AP via – North Carolina, US – June 18, 2006 – 11:07 AM (EST)

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea vowed Sunday to increase its "military deterrent" to cope with what it called U.S. attempts to provoke war, amid signs the country was preparing to test a long-range missile that could reach the continental United States.

Meanwhile, Japan said it would file a "fierce" protest and seek an immediate U.N. Security Council meeting if the North test-fires what is believed to be a Taepodong-2 missile.

There was no mention of a missile in a report from North Korea's official media on a national meeting marking the anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il starting work in the country's communist party.

– N.Korea To Boost Its 'Military Deterrent'

Hurry up and wait.North Korea's missile launch unlikely on Sunday: report – World News – June 18, 2006

TOKYO – North Korea is unlikely to test-fire a long-range missile on Sunday despite reports that a launch is imminent, Jiji Press news agency said, quoting senior officials of Japan's Defence Agency.

"There won't be a launch today," one was quoted as saying without elaborating.

Defence Agency chief Fukushiro Nukaga separately said the agency had not observed" any particular change" which would indicate an impending launch, Jiji reported.

North Korea's missile launch unlikely on Sunday: report

Original Post —

As I write this North Korea is readying a launch pad for a missile that theoretically could reach the Western shore of the United States. According to an early news source translation citizens have been ordered to put up flags at 1 AM EST and to listen to a special government communique at that time.

Here are the early stories hitting the wire. I will update this as more information becomes available:

Article from North Korea:
KPA Air Force Command Warns against U.S. Ceaseless Military ProvocationsKorean Central News Agency of DPRK – June 16, 2006

Free Republic Live Thread: Breaking: N Koreans Ordered To Raise Their Flag At 2PM (1 AM EDT), and Listen to Broadcast

Previous FR Thread with more info: N. Korea Completes ICBM Missile Launch Preparations ( Fueling Complete; On the Launch Pad) Japan-TV

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