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Haditha – Catching up on the news…

Posted by Admin on June 11, 2006

Most have heard of the story of Haditha and how some of our U.S. Marines are suspected of killing innocent civilians. There is much more to this story than would meet the eye though.

Many paying close attention have observed some obviously biased reporting, outright mistakes, and some questionable information as well. If you haven't been keeping up with the story there is a lot to catch up on — which is the position I am in at the moment and I'd like to share with you a neat resource I've come across for this particular topic.

Syndicated Columnist and blogger Michelle Malkin is apparently catching up this weekend to… Please see her latest post; Tracking Haditha.

Over on, there are a strong bunch of military supporters who have been watching this story with an "eagle eye" for the truth. There are many questions circulating and great wealth of information and observations changing hands on that site at the moment.

Below is a listing of threads at FreeRepublic that are related to Haditha coverage. This list is being compiled by Freeper delacoert, and much thanks goes to them for their tireless devotion to keeping track of this situation — it is very demanding at times.

Threads as of 6/8/06 from Freeper delacoert (delacoert is keeping an updated list on his profile page @ FR):

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Video link:


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